dudes of the jolene persuasion



anyways i was at my drum lesson today and we were going through soem songs that had been disscused with aisling last night or mentioned previously

we did:

where is my mind--the pixies
(this is pretty easy to play and sound quite good on the drums and its none to difficult/easily simplified for guitar too)

ever falen in love with someone? (hearbye known as elf)--the buzzcocks
(this may look easy to you guitars (ash) but its really fast! so me and my drum teacher worked out an easier groove so unless you wanna play it slower you wont have quite the same drumage but it still sounded okay)

holiday--green day
(simplified soem of tge fills so its easier for me but the guitar and bass are easy for that are simple and yeah thats pretty hardcore and easy)

just a day--feeder
(the drums are super hardcore on this but i dont know how easy the guitar is. the riff is easy and its basically a super duper song and im sure it could be worked out)

my lessosn only an hour so thats all i got through but yeah

right so i can pretty much play those but im gonna go practice when ive finished this email if you dont have these songs i can email them to you or soemthing

im now goign to read ash's jolene entry....

i have now done that

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Hello everyone!

Right, over the holidays i have been doing some thinking.

Basically, bands always have to start off somewhere, so i think it's a good idea if we concentrated on doing covers for the time being. It is good for us to have one or two of our own original songs up our sleaves, but all people really want to hear from starter teenage bands like us are covers.

I have picked out several songs we can do. They are fun and easy to play. Once we can play them well together then we can move on to more complicated songs and the more we will improve by doing so. So here's the list:

When I Come Around - Green Day

Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Jet

Motivation Proclimation - Good Charlotte

Ever Fallen in Love - Buzzcocks

The Click - Good Charlotte

Festival Song - Good Charlotte

White Wedding - Billy Idol

Teenage Kicks - The Undertones

Rape Me - Nirvana

Fight For Your Right - Beastie Boys

Paranoid - Black Sabbath

Here In My Room - Incubus

Research these songs on your various instruments so when it comes to the next band practice we will be able to play them.

Also, feel free to add any to the list that you think will be good.

Ash xxx

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the unfinis.....

i think this comunity is being neglected

and beside im in a ''lets post on anything that cant object'' mood sooo

but yes when is everyone on holiday/grounded/sleeping/doing other such activities that would mean they couldnt attened a band practice

*gets bored making an entry and wanders off to go change her morals and principals and see whats on the telly or soemthing*
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yeah so i guess saturday isnt gonna work.

monday lunchtime/after school/evening?
tuesday evening?
wednesday evening? ( maybe after school/lunchtime, i may be working)
thursday lunchtime/after school/evening?
friday evening before the concert?

just a few ideas. lunchtimes and even after school may be dodgy cause of exams/lessons, but i dunno.
for the evenings that also might not work as it would mean invading laurens house.

any ideas?

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is anyone free on saturday for band practice?

(lauren if so could we all come invade your house?)

i was thinking of all the times that we could practice and because of newquay me and ali are taken up for two whole weekends, and of course the week between. (we leave on the second of july, back late on the ninth.)

sooo i was thinking that maybe we could come in for some after school times maybe in the next week if this doesnt work.

but yeah, when are people free?
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another song....

Another song by Lauren


Crossed Wires (?)


i know that you love me


but i cant love you back


because im not wired that way


and i dont know which wire to cut



i know that my wires are crossed


i wasnt right when you got me


i was a hidden agenda


concealed even from myself



i know that you love me


but i cant love you back


because im not wired that way


and i dont know which wire to cut


you cant get your money back


without all the pieces there


i think that i lost my pieces


they werent welded in right


i know that you love me


but i cant love you back


because im not wired that way


and i dont know which wire to cut



i could see our time was ticking


I didn’t  know what your thinking


but you blew my heart apart


in an explosion i saw coming


i know that i love you


but you cant love me back


because your not wired that way


you dont know which to cut


um copyright for legal reasons




red = chorus


black = verses


pink = optional last chorus may want to be just original chorus or nothing

help lauren cant write music so someone write some music
 improve it people!
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YAY FOR UPDATES! well as no ones said anything for a bit, i thought id use this as an output for my wierd mood tonight.

in my quest to find all things jolene, this is where i found a list of some of the songs called jolene (some dolly covers, some original) and a bit about the band jolene.

im becoming quite obsessed with the word 'effete'.

1.) ef·fete
Depleted of vitality, force, or effectiveness; exhausted: the final, effete period of the baroque style.
Marked by self-indulgence, triviality, or decadence: an effete group of self-professed intellectuals.
Overrefined; effeminate.
No longer productive; infertile.

ef·fetely adv.
ef·feteness n.

2.) effete

adj : marked by excessive self-indulgence and moral decay; "a decadent life of excessive money and no sense of responsibility"; "a group of effete self-professed intellectuals" [syn: decadent]

the effetes? hey, its not taken. and its almost effet, which is french for effect. yep. i looked it up. so im cool.
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avast me haeartys

hows everyone for trying to commendeer ringwood at some point next week?

mr gammies not in so we can steal the amps and then the drum kit and make lots of delicious noise

we can probably steal guitars but im not sure


but yes

*pokes you all*

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