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I Wish I May...

KeviNick Lovers Society

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All Members , Moderated
We want this group to be a place where KeviNick lovers could gather and share. Also, to squee on the amazing chemistry they have and the wonderful teasings they gave us *coughHANDSTOUCHINGcough*.

Hope everyone will help spread the words about this community. I'm sure there's more KeviNick lovers who are deprived of people to squee with them (speaking from experience). ;)


Members are encouraged to post the following:

- Photos/News related to KeviNick.

- Fan Fiction
. Slash/Het/General, anything goes as long as the both of them are main characters)
. Please remember to indicate whether it's a Slash/Het/General story in your post.

- LJ Icons, Wallpapers, Videos, Sounds.. etc.

- Great links to anything KeviNick.

- Oh yeah, and squee to your heart's content! ;)


backstreetslash; bsb_playground; arok_daily; nevergone_news

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