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_itt's Journal

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ITT is:
Ryan Bannon - Vocals, Guitar
Brian Lee - Trombone
Jeff Rendano - Drums, Vocals
Mike Rodrigues - Bass
Colin Sweet - Trumpet


Listen to ITT at PUREVOLUME.


"Since beginning in October of 2002, we've been in three "battles of the bands," placing second in the first battle of the bands, and first in the following two. We often play local shows around Albany and New York City, as well as just about everywhere in between that we can. We completed our first east coast tour in the summer of 2003, and released our newest EP, "The History of Things to Come..." just before the tour began. We released our newest split cd with our friends in Parwana entitled, “Parwana vs. Insult To Tradition” in mid-December and toured with them for 10 days between Dec. 26th 2003 and Jan. 4th 2004. We are now starting to make plans for shows this spring, along with tentative plans for a long national tour to take place in July/August after Colin's high school graduation in late June. [All of our shows during the Fall and the Spring are balanced with all of us attending school throughout the weekdays.]

Some (if not all) of us have shared the stage with several large names such as The Toasters, Big D and the Kids Table, River City Rebels, Catch22, The Ataris, Autopilot Off, Unsung Zeros, Allister, Useless I.D., Clearview 77, Coheed and Cambria, Smackin' Isaiah, Bim Skala Bim, Professor Plum, The June Spirit, Treephort, Matchbook Romance (The Getaway), Whippersnapper, The Lost City Angels, The Sloppy Meateaters, Bigwig, Melee, Jupiter Sunrise, Throne, and The Valentine. In addition to this, we have played with famed local bands Next ii Nothing, Pro Monroe, Monty’s Fan Club, Norma's Lemon Stand, Welcome Home Travis, The Schematics, Melmac, Life Before This, and Ana Divine (Jerk Magnet).

Along with that, we've been able to reach out to fans literally across the world, with sales of our cd ranging across the Atlantic Ocean to the UK, as well as some fans in Australia and other European and Asian countries (not to forget all the states within the US) without yet leaving the East Coast."


Brian's LJ: [red_magi_8]
Jeff's LJ: [rudeboyjeff]
Mike's LJ: [flintsider]
Colin's LJ: [colinsweet]