his name is brian (red_magi_8) wrote in _itt,
his name is brian

so we've returned to you from tour! how cool is this?! we've made it all across the country to come back to livejournal. most of us kept our own journals throughout the trip, we made lots of video tape, and took many pictures, as well as met tons of awesome awesome people. our website is updated, the merch link now works because i stopped being lazy, and as always, we still want a new webpage design. hopefully soon that will happen. all free offers welcome! we're looking for something fancy and fun. as for now, i'm going to show off the US map of where we've played shows... the count is now at 21, folks!

create your own personalized map of the USA
or write about it on the open travel guide

however we sure did drive through most of them...

while on tour, here were the stats...
*Most Supportive Show: Boise, ID (there are no potatoes here)
*Most Fun: Howell, MI (only because of go-karts and bumper basketball)
*Biggest Venue: Chattanooga, TN (club fathom)
*Smallest Playing Space: Gordon, PA (katie's deck)
*100th Show Location: Stockton, CA (support Middagh Goodwin in the '04 Presidential Election!)

have a good day.

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