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ill sing it one last time for you then we really have to go

hmm lets see, im going to put my top 20 most favorite bands:

ben folds five, dashboard confessional, death cab for cutie, dispatch, five iron frenzy, hawthorne heights, modest mouse, relient k, roper, sanctus real, snow patrol, something corporate, switchfoot, taking back sunday, the aqua bats, the format, the juliana theory, the killers, the postal service, thursday.

my top 5 out of those are:
ben folds five, dashboard confessional, snow patrol, something corporate, the postal service.

my top 3 out of those are:
dashboard confessional, snow patrol, the postal service.

i dont think i can choose my most favorite band, its just too hard.

to think i might not see those eyes
makes it so hard not to cry
and as we say our long goodbye,
i nearly do.
light up, light up.
as if you have a choice
even if you cannot hear my voice,
ill be right beside you dear.

those are some of my favorite lyrics from snow patrol

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    ive given up on this community. its dead. and im the one that made it.

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