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Something quick that I need to address:

We aren't in the middle of The Silmarillion. The Dagor-nuin-Giliath already happened, Gondolin fell, the silmarils have been lost, Túrin already slept with Nienor, etc.

In some weird, inexplicable way, everything in The Silm. has already occured, characters have been resurrected, etc. Everyone is co-existing somehow, bringing all their backstories into play. Okay? ^^

And... someone wanted an updated list of avatars, correct? I updated the site earlier today, but here's the list:

Lúthien: Shannyn Sossamon
Túrin: Ryan Adams
Fëanor: Jude Law
Nerdanel: Alyson Hannigan
Fingon: Johnny Depp
Idril: ?
Vairë: Chandra North
Beren: Ewan McGregor
Galadriel: Reneé O'Connor
Thingol: David Bowie
Finduilas: Kate Hudson
Celeborn: ?
Melkor: ?
Melian: ?
Varda: ?
Mandos: Conor Oberst
Ulmo: Jason Mraz
Maedhros: ?
Eärwen: Keira Knightley

(Sar, Galadriel IS Renee, right? If I have anyone else's avatar wrong, I apologize. Correct me if there are any mistakes. :) And those of you who have question marks next to your charas... who are you using for avatars? Thanks. ^^)

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