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Following Chel's lead, I'm relinquishing my position as co-mod as well.

I don't have the time or the motivation that's needed to help run this place.

loveloveLOVE for you guys. I'll still be around if any of you want to IM or email me. And you know, I've noticed that people tend to lose contact when RPG's die out. That makes me sad. ;_;

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today would mark the exact two month anniversary of ithildin, wheehaw. thought it makes me extremely happy that its 'sort of' lasted this long, today i'm going to step down as a mod.

i'm having a hard time seeing this game and its concepts through, etc due to logistic issues and the intense roles that i play in some other rpgs.

i love the silmarillion and i love the concept. this is one of the only [if only] silmarillon verse rpg that i've seen. maybe i just wasn't the correct person to co-mod. that's ok, though.

if someone wants to keep this up, give me an email or shoot an im to asentimentalgeek.
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due to the lack of interest in a chat-style quest we'll be trying to do it though threads. away!

said quest thread will go up saturday per mandos.

keep up the good work, guys.
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hey guys...ok. we've got chat TIMES now we need to pick a date in which we can all be present to de-waterlog aman.

would august 29...or august 30 be a better date for all?

hopefully it'll be a time we can all be online at the same time. ^^

andhappytwotowerstheatricalreleaseday. FARAMIRINARMOR.
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Chel made a post a while ago about chat times, but no one posted anything. ;_; So... I know a lot of you aren't living in the US, so that makes being online at the same time difficult.

Could you guys post good times to have chats, giving both your time (specify time zone, please) and US EST if you can?

Thanks. :)


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hey yo.

...keep up the journal interaction to melkor's post. woo. there will be a chat veeery shortly. >.> lets post some good times to have one. the salvation of aman and things.

another note:

do you guys really enjoy internet style tolkien rpg? hell yeah. k, there is a trilogy verse rpg on dj called canonballs that you should really check out. Canonballs Journal and Canonballs Website

some of our ithildin muns are also cb muns. fun stuff, guys. please join. email me or catch me on im if you have questions.
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Gooooooood morning.

First off, the site has a new, better, and overall much prettier layout. ^^

Second... Chel and I are destroying our brains trying to come up with a good plot for you guys. Soon, I promise. ;)

If you have any friends, or are a member of another RPG that has members that may be interested in Ithildin, please mention this place to them.

Keep up the beautiful RPing, okay? ^^


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Just to let you guys know...

I'm leaving for Florida tomorrow morning at 6am so I won't be back online to rp until late Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Have fun! Be good. You guys are awesome. Miss you already.

Keep up the good rping.

<3 Chel.
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Something quick that I need to address:

We aren't in the middle of The Silmarillion. The Dagor-nuin-Giliath already happened, Gondolin fell, the silmarils have been lost, Túrin already slept with Nienor, etc.

In some weird, inexplicable way, everything in The Silm. has already occured, characters have been resurrected, etc. Everyone is co-existing somehow, bringing all their backstories into play. Okay? ^^

And... someone wanted an updated list of avatars, correct? I updated the site earlier today, but here's the list:

Lúthien: Shannyn Sossamon
Túrin: Ryan Adams
Fëanor: Jude Law
Nerdanel: Alyson Hannigan
Fingon: Johnny Depp
Idril: ?
Vairë: Chandra North
Beren: Ewan McGregor
Galadriel: Reneé O'Connor
Thingol: David Bowie
Finduilas: Kate Hudson
Celeborn: ?
Melkor: ?
Melian: ?
Varda: ?
Mandos: Conor Oberst
Ulmo: Jason Mraz
Maedhros: ?
Eärwen: Keira Knightley

(Sar, Galadriel IS Renee, right? If I have anyone else's avatar wrong, I apologize. Correct me if there are any mistakes. :) And those of you who have question marks next to your charas... who are you using for avatars? Thanks. ^^)

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First AIM chat and some other things:

Our first AIM chat will be held this Wednesday at 9:30 est. All charas will recieve invitations to come to an impromptu yet undisclosed thingie... [technical words, here.]

The chat name will be Ithildin. Make sure to comment to Ryss's post so we can invite you in.

Here's another little thing...I don't want to seem like an utter drag but everyone who got a code from either Ryss or myself could you please donate it back to the rpg? I had to get a paid acct just so we'd have enough. So if you will, when your week is up just email me the code you generate and I'll keep a list for new journals and things. That way I don't have to keep spending the money.

<3 Chel
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