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Hello Everyone,

This is my post and it is a call for help as of now. It has come to my attention that we need one more moderator and an active on. The other thing that has cought my eyes is that we need members, I would really appreciate it if you would post about this in your own livejournals and as others to join to make this a good community. I am now widening this to an "Arcade" community and it will be open to anyone who enjoys video games so be sure to mention that in your posts.


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-Name: anyone that knows me in the DDR/ITG community knows me as Misty
-Location: St. Louis, Missouri
-Time Playing: Counting DDR, it'll be three and a half years on August 24th. I've technically been playing ITG since last December 26th, but I really didn't fall for it too deeply till Tee Time got its ITG2 cabinet this summer.
-Favorite Songs: Pretty much anything, really. Examples of ITG1 stuff would be PA Theme, Don't Promise Me (I like both, but when I play it, I tend to play the Happiness Comes Mix), and Tough Enough. Some ITG2 songs would be all the Ni Ni stuff, Enegizer, and Cryosleep.
-Preferred BPM: somewhere around 130-150, nothin' too fast, heh.
-Accomplishments: not really any, imo, but I've got ** on Little Kitty Mine Medium and * on Spacy Crazy Girl Easy and No Princess Medium, I'm working on Liquid Moon hard with a 86.59%, and so far I have a 85.45% on July -Euromix- Expert...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Gotta admit that compared to the pictures I've seen, I suck, but here's links to some of my best stuff. I have a few more on the itg.teetime tag on my journal. These were copied from my latest post (from when I went today) with links to the screens in the new percents.

I brought Liquid Moon hard up another half percent-ish to 86.59% . Did all right for playing Agent Blatent medium for the first time, got 90.09%. Cryosleep on hard improved to 94.45%. Amore hard has gone from 77.79% to 81.15%. No Princess hard up from 92.66% to 95.17% ROM eo & Juli8 is a new score from what I'm pulling up on my screens with a 93.01%

Note: I've been in a random "change my display name" mood for no real reason. Whenever I settle down, I'll probably stick with Misty.
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NAME: Kurtis

LOCATION: St. Louis, Missouri

BEEN PLAYING: Since December of 2003 when I got a home version of Max 2 :D

FAVORITE SONGS: ITG: Utopia, Vertex, Pandemonium | ITG2: Renaissance, Spaceman, Cryosleep, Monolith, "!"

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Ummmm...Well I've gotten 2 excellents on Cryosleep (99.87%) and I've beaten a few 11 foot songs like Utopia, Charlene, Xuxa, and Destiny. I can pass most 10 foot songs, and all 9 foot and under.


Hopefully this Community will get big so I can see all the ITG Titans, and eventually beat their scores :p
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First Post

-Name: Amanda, please call me Mani
-Location: St.Louis Missouri
-Time Playing: well if you count ddr with it, about 2 and a half years now. I have been playing ITG since it came out like last december in my area.
-Favorite Songs: My favorite ITG 1 songs are Zodiac and Xuxa. My favorite ITG 2 songs are Spaceman, Renissance, and Bumble Bee.
-Accomplishments:Well before I got pregnant my most proud accomplishment was finally passing Zodiac on Expert. (It being a 10 foot song and all) I was really proud of that, but then I got pregnant and I hardly play anymore lol.
-Preffered BPM: Anthing between 130 and 300. 300 is a little too fast for me though.</b>
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Up and awsome!!!

I have finally made a community that has a chance. I would like to tell you all that I hope we can make this a sucess and this is only here to show your love of the game. Please post often and I will Moderate this to make it as active as possible. Thankyou.


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