Beauty And The Geek

Everyone deserves to be loved.

Beauty and the Geek
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A place for people who love geeks, and geeks who want to be loved.

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There are rules to join this community. Obey them or be blasted by multiple solar death rays I have mounted on the major broadcasting networks satellites in orbit.

1) Have fun. I can't STRESS this rule enough.

2) Nothing is TOO geeky, or TOO dorky. Just post it, we're all friends here.

3) Don't use excessive cursing, you can post, and say things like "damn, hell, piss" ... but don't use vulgarity just to use it. A simple self-censored word is preferable to something that insults the community.

4) Don't bash members of this community. If I see it happening, I'll close memberships, remove the member, and turn this into a closed, moderated community. I really, really don't want to do that, ever.

5) ANY kind of geekness is welcome here. From computers, to cars, to anything that makes you a geek.

6) After you join, be active. Don't just join to say "I'm a geek" and then never add anything. We want this community to flourish, not be a badge.

7) Promote, promote, promote. When you join, promote us in your LJ, link us, let everyone see your geekiness! We've given you plenty of tools to start off with, use your imagination and keep going!

8) Have Fun! Again, can't stress it enough.