Year Re-Cap

Seeing as how I'm going off to college tomorrow, I thought I'd post (and re-post) all the quotes I collected this year.

  • Mat Shorstein (During a thunder and lightning storm): "We're safe!  We're in a portable!"
  • Amy McClendon: "There's two k's in "skipper."  --Wait, no there aren't."
  • Doctor Penney: "It's time to get the blank out of Dodge."
  • Khalid (looking at my Physics formulas sheet): "Yours is sexy!"
  • Rachel Bonfonte (talking about rising college tuition): "It's so ANNOYING!  I want to claw my eyes out!"
  • Christy Sellers (regarding the 9/11 Commission Report): "It's wonderful when we turn a nation tragedy into a best-selling novel."
  • Christy Sellers: "Ian looks like he has a vagina on his chin."
  • Christy (regarding low-cut shirts and breasts): "If they look nice, display!  That's what we do with collector's items!  And these are more temporary than collector's items.  In 10 years, I won't even be able to fold these into a bra!"
  • Jeremiah Lamm: "It's hot as nuts in here!"
  • Mr. Lipp: "Black people can't function in the cold."
  • (Right after one of the hurricanes) Mr. Lipp: "My brother's in Pennsacola." Craig Clark: "Is he dead?"
  • Jeremiah Lamm: "I could not possibly have come from apes because I am a white, arrogant shit."
  • Mrs. Amin: "How do you organize your market?"  Jeremiah Lamm: "With Swedish people."
  • Christy Sellers: "Clearly Ian is a terrorist.  God, these hurricanes are such democrats."
  • Me: "There are plenty of guys who want to fuck me.  I can't ignore it.  They're telling me all the time!"
  • Ian: "The more you try to be like everyone else, the more you end up finding who you really are."
  • Mrs. Amin: "The author talks about two counties.  What's the difference between the two?" Mat Shorstein: "One is like Jacksonville, and one is classy."
  • Jeremiah Lamm: "Broadway is a rich, white-people's ghetto."
  • Christy Sellers: "If I was in a high-speed chase with cops, I'd be having fun, too.  But I was at home, knitting a sweater."
  • Stephen Brezeale: "Even though you know someone's going to die, and you can see it coming, they aren't supposed to die today."
  • Jeremiah Lamm: "Now, Russell Crowe, he is hot.  I would do him.  I mean, 'Gladiator' turned ME on!"
  • Emile Boghos: "Brad Pitt's definitely a reciever."
  • Jeremiah Lamm (on hearing of Mrs. Amin's pregnancy): "Damn, I was wond'ring when that boy got crunk!"
  • Jeremiah Lamm: "Just because we're at war doesn't mean the buffalo have to die!"
  • Christy Sellers: "What's more important than death?"
  • Me (during a Gov debate of pro and anti gun control laws; I was against): "We're talking about people killing OTHER people with guns.  THAT's relavant.  If someone wants to off HIMSELF, that's HIS business, not mine!"

There you go guys!


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Me: Why do boys and girls have to speak different languages?

Britney: Because God is bored and needs something to entertain himself with.

So true... so true.
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This is (one of) the reason why I love Matthew so much

If you read my journal, you know who this is.

Me: Thanks for the advice. I shall certainly try.
Matthew: That's all we ever can do, isn't it?
Me: Most assuredly. Although, Yoda would have us do or do not. ...Yoda was a bastard, though. ...And an idealist.
Matthew: And he was really short, too.
Me: Yeah, and old. Short, old bastard. ...The fucker.


Me: The Marquis de Sade is probably laughing at from Hell.
Staci: You mean from Heaven?
Me: Heaven? How would he wind up in Heaven of all people?
Staci: Because he would enjoy Hell so therefor Heaven is his Hell.
Me: THAT'S DEEP MAN! (we both bust a gut)
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oh mr. moore, you make me laugh.

"Fifty-one percent of the American people lacked information (in this election) and we want to educate and enlighten them," Moore was quoted in Thursday's edition of Variety. "They weren't told the truth. We're communicators and it's up to us to start doing it now."

i find this ironic and funny.
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An idea...

Hey, guys. This is Alex, and while this is not a quote, I thought that this would be a way to propose this. If someone made a message board or something of that nature for "us" to use, as a group, would you actually visit it? Keep it active? Volunteer to moderate it? Things like that.

It would be for us writers/gamers/whoever else. You know, for those people who know me, Shawn, Jeanne, Aimee, etc. We could use the board to post writing, keep in contact in a more collective way, instead of jumping back and forth between journals (although that works too).

Thanks in advance. Alex.