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Hiya! *waves* It's j0obilee, who's bored right now and decided to make a xxxHolic and Tsubasa Chronicle random RPG. What do I mean by random? Just have fun. It isn't going to go with where the manga or anime is going, but at least be in character. They can still be looking for the feather and stuff, and we can make freaky characters and stuff. *shrugs*

I was inspired by another community and the pictures that are on the communities layout to make this. My main idea here, is that the cast of Tsubasa and xxxHolic are on an island sort of world. I admit, it's kind of a stolen idea from Furuba_funs (o-o;;;;) but I had no clue what else to do, and I thought that...these characters having LJs on a paradise sort of an island would be highly amusing. Very amusing.

So halliujah! Here are the characters we'll need...

Syaoran : (okami_rei) little_okami

Sakura : (mandymatchmaker) innocent_cherry

Fai D. Flowright: (adventures ) bigkitty_fai

Kurogane: (tommyrotter) black_shouhi

White Mokona: Reserved

Yuuko: (sholk) xxxnekoxxx

Kimihiro Watanuki: (clarinetkoko) baito_kun

Himawari (sp?): OPEN

Domeki: (digitalized_) dawn_holic

Black Mokona: OPEN

Toya (Sakura's bro): oniichantouya

Yukito:: (bibliophile_7) mirrored_moon

((If there is anyone else you want to add [has to be from xxxholic or Tsubasa] let me know. ))


1. This is a random roleplay for fun. This means it doesn't exactly follow where the characers are currently in the manga. You can do whatever might please you, but it has to be in character. And since it's randomly on an island, you can decide how they got there. ((Obviously Yuuko might want to take a vaca, and the Tsubasa crew got there by Mokona...etc))

2. You can update your characer's journal as you like, but keep in mind, if Fai doesn't have a laptop and uses the lab, and is all the way across the island stuck in a trap or something, he's not going to likely be able to update right?

3. Please keep all journal entries in first person.

4. Posts that reply to a thread on the main community are in third person.

5. Do not roleplay another character.

6. Keep all OOC (out of character) posts in parentheses (), or brackets [], or by "OOC:"

7. Please warn us if you are going to be away for awhile. If you join a thread, your character has to be active right?

8. If you sign up and get accepted, and I do not hear from you for a long time without notice, you will be removed.

9. Have fuuuun! ^^


Please reply to this post with this form:

Your name:

Your LJ username (if you have one):

Character you are applying for:

In no more than a paragraph, roleplay this character in first person:

In no more than a paragraph, roleplay this character in third person:

How long are you online?:

You agree that if you join a thread, you have to post as often as you can, and if you will be away, please notify us, and make your character disappear for awhile?:


-The privelage to be your character.

-A brand new journal for your character.

-An avvie from me if you ask nicely, for your characters journal.

-New friends, and new RPG!


If you are accepted, please make an LJ for your character ONLY. Do not put OOC posts there! Put them in the community! Once you are all set up, join a thread, or make a new one. You can do basically whatever you want. You're on an island, you see. ^^

If you are not accepted, please...take it like a man. >.>

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me at my regular journal (j0obilee) or email me at basta_dustfinger [at] mail [dot] com .


Pictures on layout from kimihiro.net. Will change layout later because it sucks.