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RP REPOST. Fai, Syaoran, Sakura, Yukito, Kurogane. [15 Jul 2005|09:49am]


((OOC: This is an example of a repost. I post these if the RP post is below on the page, or if the comments are too high and it's a pain in the neck to read them. XP. So we'll continue on this one. I'M SO SORRY I TOOK SO LONG TO POST IT. I've been SICK all week.))

Last few things that have been done:

Fai got up and opened the door to the lab and stood outside looking at the dark sky. A few light raindrops fell to the ground. "Hyu! We better hurry then."

Syaoran followed Fai out the door. As they walked, he kept his eye out for anything that looked like Kurogane or a demon.

Sakura waved goodbye to her departing companions. "Do be careful!!" she called after them.

"I'm glad you're feeling a little better Yukito-san! If you don't mind, I think I may take a little nap..." she said, resting her head and closing her eyes.

Yukito's mouth crinkled into a worried smile. He spoke in a barebly hearable voice. "You're better, but not completely well either sakura-chan. But you sleep, I'll keep watch. And Fai-san And Syoraon-san will return, safe with the swordsman." His eyes flickered once again to the menacing clouds. "Hopefully soon."

Fai looked in the direction Syaoran was looking in. "What do you see, Syaoran-kun?"

Syaoran shook his head. "nothing yet..."

Fai looked both ways as if he were about to cross a busy street. "Hy-uuu...this island looks bigger than I thought. Finding Kuro-wanko might be a little difficult." he chuckled.

((Syaoran was asking if we should run into the xxxHolic people. That's fine with me. Just make sure if you join this thread, you've left your other thread. Which is okay. =D ))

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Hello. [04 Jul 2005|09:52pm]

(( Hello everyone. ^^ Just wanted to say that we should plan another one of those chatroom things. Also wondering if some people are still here. ^^;;;;

EDIT: (JUL 05. YOU GUYS UP FOR A CHAT TONIGHT? 8:30 or 9? IF NOT JUST TELL ME. kthnx. XP Sorry I can't. ^^; ))
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AIM [28 Jun 2005|06:17pm]


((OOC: So far we have 3 accounts for AIM chatrooms:

Fai: wizardofceles
little 0kami
Sakura: InnocentCherry2

Any other characters if you want to participate in the idea, please reply here with an AIM name for your character (or you could just use you main one and say your being them at the moment.) If you need AIM go to aim.com to download. It's free!

Are you guys free Thursday night? Probably about 8:30 to 9 my time, to try and get online. (I live in Mass.). If everyone signs up with a name before then, we can decide earlier. I just don't want it to be tomorrow and we still only have three people. =O We can have fun in the chatroom until...whenever. 8D

Let me know!! ))

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Reminders and suggestions... [24 Jun 2005|10:30pm]


(( Hello all, this is just a tiny post to let the xxxHolic characters know that Yuuko is waiting for replies and it getting none. Are you folks here? >.>

To anyone, Do you think it would be fun to get AIM screennames for the characters to have some fun in an AIM chatroom together? It could be an RP on the island outside of the posts on the community, or an RP totally different...or whatever. I thought it would be fun. Maybe we can decide on a time or something and make them have a party on the island or something in the chatroom. What do you guys think?

♥♥ Rii-chan ))

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RP POST 2_ [16 Jun 2005|08:48pm]

((xxxHolic charactors thread- am I allowed to start one? o_o))

Watanuki groggily raised his head, taking in the surroundings. The last thing he remembered was being thrown into Yuuko-san's favorite route of traveling, the black hole of d00m. And then he had been chased around by a black shadow-y thing for a few hours before tripping over something- and then he had blacked out. When he had finally regained consciousness he had found himself in this island; and in front of him, a laptop, of all the things.

It wasn't that he didn't like computers or any other electronics. But you get suspicious when you see a laptop in front of you in a deserted island with a chord attached disappearing off into the ocean. Wouldn't he get electrified if he touched the computer? Water and chords and laptops were not a good mix.

Snap snap

His head whipped towards the sounds, eyes wide. Another murderous spirit? A monster?

And the figure loomed into view...
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RP POST 1_ [15 Jun 2005|03:39pm]


((OOC: Please make sure to read my earlier post for today, before replying.))

Fai D. Flowright and his companions had entered the next world a few hours back, near morningish. They had landed on an island. As he wandered, not really thinking about the others at the moment, as it looked like a small island, soon he was well away, and didn't know where he was. The blonde lanky man chuckled as he got himself lost.

 This place was very warm. Warmer than Celes. Much warmer. He noticed the flowers planted in the ground. "What a strange thing!? I've seen these...whatamajiggles somewhere, but not ones like these." He squatted down and smelled it. He liked it. Then he found... the lab.

The lab was full of computers, that were on and shown brightly. It told a message to make a journal. "Hyuuu!! A journal sounds like fun!" And with lots of cheer, Fai made himself one, but didn't really understand all of the buttons on it. "Kuro-sama can help me! ~~♥" He typed it in his journal and signed off. He liked the clicking of the keyboard. He for some reason understood the language! Would you look at that! He felt proud. He wanted Kuro-sama to make a journal. He chuckled looking around for Mr. Black, but couldn't see him. Fai continued walking, taking in thought that he would probably run into his friends sooner or later.

((Fai does not know of everyone else's journal. When you run into him, you could probably inform him you have a journal too. XD ))

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Reminders and Rules [15 Jun 2005|03:05pm]


I'm making a post to remind everyone to add these people to their character's journal friends lists if they haven't already:

Syaoran: little_okami
Sakura: innocent_cherry
Fai: bigkitty_fai
Kurogane: black_shouhi
Yuuko: xxxnekoxxx
Kimihiro Watanuki: baito_kun
Domeki: dawn_holic
Yukito: mirrored_moon

And I will add Domeki to this list when the journal is made for him. You can comment on the other character's journals when your CHARACTER figure's out what they are. Unless your Yuuko, who knows what they are. XD *snicker snicker* Probably Watanuki too.

All members click here about RPING and other imporant stuff. Collapse )



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__First Post__ [13 Jun 2005|04:45pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hiya everyone! I know this layout sucks. TwT I should make a new one ne? Anyhow...yeah, this layout works best if you have a very large screen. Sorry 'bout that... x.x

Anywho! Let's get started shall we? I'm Mary, or adventures and I will be your mod. I will try really hard to make this work, and I will also probably be asking for co-mods or whatever. ^^ Sound good? Okay...moving on.

So I decided to play our buddy, Fai D. Flowright (or Fye. What do you prefer?) for this little feild trip, after a long time thinking. If you want to apply for a character, take a look at the user info, or just reply to this thread with this form:

Your name:

Your LJ username (if you have one):

Character you are applying for:

In no more than a paragraph, roleplay this character in first person:

In no more than a paragraph, roleplay this character in third person:

How long are you online?:

You agree that if you join a thread, you have to post as often as you can, and if you will be away, please notify us, and make your character disappear for awhile?:

The characters we need are as follows:

Fai D. Flowright
White Mokona
Kimihiro Watanuki
Black Mokona
Toya (Sakura's bro)
And whoever else you can think of.

You can check out the plot in the user info, but if you are too lazy, basically this is a random RP, inspired by another (furuba_funs), when all the characters listed above (or others) are deserted on an Island world place. Yeah it's bizzare, but you KNOW it sounds fun at the same time. XP ~~ We will start when we have more characters.

So, reply here with your applications, or email me at basta_dustfinger [at] mail [dot] com


PS: Can anyone help me fix my links up at the top? The User Info link wont show up. TwT

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