Anyone interested in ordering stuff from HobbyLink Japan? I've always wanted to order from them (they have some really badass t-shirts and other merch), but have always been wary of international shipping. So... if a bunch of us all bought stuff, shipping wouldn't be so bad. At least in theory. In theory, communism works. In theory.

Awesome TTGL T-shirts

I know Japanese sizes are smaller than ours, just another reason to lose weight. Let me know if you guys want to order up some stuffs.

Order of Ecclesia

New Castlevania this fall. Looks awesome. It sounds like Michelle Ruff (Rukia from Bleach, The Euphinator from Code Geass) is voicing the lead hero, Shanoa. Apparently the game takes place sometime after Rondo / Symphony, as there's no active Belmont clan to take down Mr. Miserable Pile of Secrets. Though some evidence indicates that this game is based on famous battles which actually took place in Ancient Japan.

No Belmonts, no playable Dracula desecendents/reincarnations, Final Destination... Fight!

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