Hi I am new here, but I have been a fan of Tekken from the very beggining. I am a huge fan of the Tekken games. I just found out that tekken 4 is coming out in September this year. I cant wait!!!

Jim Kezanner is by far my favorite character. I know all 15 of his moves in tekken 3. It's such a pitty that he doesn't have any throws. :(

Is it true that, Lee Wulong is Jim's father???

Well I post back soom. Bye everybody!

Learning Process

today i started learning to play nina, and like woah, shes uber good, u/f+1 sets up so many okizeme mind games, i knew she was good but damn, anyways i needed a break from playing bryan and jack for awhile so im trying to pick up nina....anyways, does anyone even post in here?

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I'm New

Yeah, so...I just joined and stuff, so I decided to just introduce myself and what not...Ok, lets start...My name is Hardie (yes, thats my real name), been playing tekken since 3 and played it on up to the current installment of 5, been a scrub for a long time and finally got to a status that I at least think is an above average player, but by no means am I like a GOD or expert or anything...

Favorite Characters: Bryan, Bruce, Craig, Jack-5, and Ganryu

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Is there any possible way that you can defeat the boss easier in Tekken 5? I mean, I already beat him with Asuka after who knows how many times but is there a trick to defeating him? Oh and I got inspired to create a Tekken Icons Community. tekken_icons (If I'm not supposed to do that, I'll delete it later on)
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