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Tekken's Journal

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18th October 2005

project62610:48pm: A little Help please
Does anyone know the name of the band and the song which is played in the opening to Tekken 5??? thank you :)
Current Mood: aggravated

28th August 2005

b1ackdea7h12:50pm: Interesting
Dark Resurrection Stuff

Looks to me like Namco is either trying to pull a Koei (XTreme Legends) or a Sega (Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution).

It still looks interesting and I hope they follow Sega (VF4 Evo was only $20 when it came out).

Current Mood: curious

17th August 2005

burningspirit8:18pm: New Community

I've got a new community going, 'tekken_fans' is anyone's interested. I'm not sure if I'm alloud to premote my community here, but hey, how else am I suposed to get it running. 2 members so far. Even if you don't want to join, just check it out, it looks really good! Just wait for the backround picture to load.

Here's a link:



17th June 2005

hikarisenshi11:14am: Oh, And Jin And Granpappy Are In It
KOS-MOS * Ryu * Rockman&Roll-chan!

Join the community! ;D (PLEASE credit if you like any of the icons listed in our community to namcoxcapcom! Thanks!)


P. S. Or, just join! ;D

24th May 2005

freak_7_100boo7:48pm: Hi
Hi I am new here, but I have been a fan of Tekken from the very beggining. I am a huge fan of the Tekken games. I just found out that tekken 4 is coming out in September this year. I cant wait!!!

Jim Kezanner is by far my favorite character. I know all 15 of his moves in tekken 3. It's such a pitty that he doesn't have any throws. :(

Is it true that, Lee Wulong is Jim's father???

Well I post back soom. Bye everybody!

23rd May 2005

tekken_newbie10:37pm: Learning Process
today i started learning to play nina, and like woah, shes uber good, u/f+1 sets up so many okizeme mind games, i knew she was good but damn, anyways i needed a break from playing bryan and jack for awhile so im trying to pick up nina....anyways, does anyone even post in here?

Current Mood: blah

10th May 2005

tekken_newbie7:54pm: I'm New
Yeah, so...I just joined and stuff, so I decided to just introduce myself and what not...Ok, lets start...My name is Hardie (yes, thats my real name), been playing tekken since 3 and played it on up to the current installment of 5, been a scrub for a long time and finally got to a status that I at least think is an above average player, but by no means am I like a GOD or expert or anything...

Favorite Characters: Bryan, Bruce, Craig, Jack-5, and Ganryu

8th May 2005


A Tekken rating community

Please join!
phoenixflame877:20am: Is there any possible way that you can defeat the boss easier in Tekken 5? I mean, I already beat him with Asuka after who knows how many times but is there a trick to defeating him? Oh and I got inspired to create a Tekken Icons Community. tekken_icons (If I'm not supposed to do that, I'll delete it later on)
Current Mood: irritated

28th March 2005

jinkazamafetish12:29am: *bows*
Please forgive me if this is not allowed, I will delete it.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Jin Kazama fans ~~ <3 ^_^
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23rd March 2005

isuxatlife187:49pm: Which Tekken 4 Character are you?"
Jin Kazama
You are Jin Kazama - Day after day, Jin trained in
the traditional art of karate. Ever since
Heihachi's betrayal, Jin loathed everything
about himself his Mishima bloodline, his
fighting style, the Devil gene in his blood,
everything. Jin's thoughts burned with the
desire to destroy the evil Mishima bloodline
the bloodline of his grandfather, Heihachi
Mishima, and his father, Kazuya.

Which Tekken 4 Character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
isuxatlife187:08pm: Question About Unlocking Devil Jin???
Yesterday while I was playing Tekken, I beat the game with Baek and I unlocked Devil Jin which I found to be very odd. I also found it very odd cause I only watched a couple of the opening movies and I saw Devil Jin. I didnt even beat Tekken The Devil Within? Did this happen to anyone else? I found this very interesting and I dont know how it happened?
Current Mood: curious

17th March 2005

isuxatlife1811:55pm: Join Mt Tekken Group @ Myspace?

It Needs Members, so join up, you know you all wanna, so do it
Current Mood: cheerful

6th March 2005

chubahman3:15pm: hello. i just joined but im very into fighting games and Tekken is one of my favorites. Tekken 5 has come out and my cousin is going to get it for me for 30 bucks
Current Mood: cheerful

2nd March 2005

demonversion17:37pm: Hi I'm new here I have been playing since 95 even though I couldn't read too well I was still good. My current rank in T5 is Tekken God. My 2 main people are Kazuya and Steve. I look forward to hearing from you all also I was wondering if the is anyway to play as Jinpachi on the PS2.
Current Mood: excited

27th February 2005

isuxatlife1810:12pm: Newbie
Hello everyone!!!!! Whats going on with you all. I am new to the group and just saying hello to everyone. I am a huge fan of the Tekken series, this is the best fighting game that I have ever played besides Mortal Kombat.
Current Mood: grateful

18th February 2005

_gata_11:26pm: Anyone have any mp3s from the Tekken games? I'm really desperate. Please, I'd be eternally grateful if someone would send me some through AIM or soulseek. :D <3
Current Mood: hopeful

9th February 2005

cherohotokegi12:39pm: tournie!!
big changes made to my tournie in MI!


8th February 2005

tons0phun11:09am: Hi there, new to the community.

Don't own a PS2 (unfortunately T-T), but I am familiar with the Tekken series. Tekken 3 & Tag I thought were great, Tekken 4 I was disappointed with, and Tekken 5 is just awesome (especially since the arcades have the playstation controller ports).

My favorite/core characters are Yoshimitsu, and King. I'm not familiar with their moves from Tekken 5, and still practicing most of King's multithrows from Tag, but otherwise I know them inside and out.

Just out of curiosity, but is there anybody else here who plays King that can legitimately say they know'em inside and out?

Two kings would make such a messed up team. XD

4th February 2005

cherohotokegi6:23pm: Date has been changed to the 26th!

A tournament is being held Saturday, March 26th at Port Huron High School in the following games:

- Guilty Gear X2 #Reload
- Super Smash Bros.
- Capcom vs SNK 2
- Tekken 5
- Street Fighter 3rd Strike
- King of Fighters: 2003
- Marvel vs Capcom 2

Port Huron, Michigan.
2215 Court Street
Port Huron High School

Sign-ups start at noon
2:00PM - Whenever the last tourney is finished.

$10 per tournament.

1st: 70% of pot
2nd: 20% of pot
3rd: 10% of pot

Think you're the best in Michigan? Find out March 19th. If you're coming from out of state feel free to give it a try, but you can't take MI players and you know it; don't waste your time. No more trash talk, ladies. Come back it up.

Talked to a few people and we're now holding it at the local High School. We now have complete control of the pot for no extra fees!

Copies of games would be helpful though. Please contact me if you can help out.

25th December 2004

aznable_yuy12:36am: hey
sup this is my first post.first off,im a big fan of tekken and secondly,ive played tekken 5 recently ($10 in 45 minutes),wuts the story line behind it? each site i looked at is either in japanese or the info isnt up yet.

24th December 2004

phoenixflame8710:00am: This is my first post in here so hey. But I've got a question about King though. Will we ever find out what he looks like under that mask cause I wanna know. Like is he disfigured or is he ugly and thats why he wears the mask? I dunno. Does anyone know about that?
Current Mood: confused

15th December 2004

decepticongob1:03pm: MAd skillz
Sup SUp Everyone. HUGE FAN of the tekken Series. With the release of T5, my enthusiasm has been rekindled. I help run Electriccancel.com, and post frequently at Tekken.net. Ive competed in the nationals of TTT, and regionals of T4 (dropped out due to $ issues} With the Nationals for T5 just around the corner, Im looking for others to discuss some strategys and just plan tekken talk. Here's a Link to a thread i wrote for what ive found out about Jin for T5.
Current Mood: busy

13th December 2004

isnochys3:42pm: Did anyone ever lose respect because you used Eddy Gordo (or Christie, Tiger)? He's not my character of choice, King is, but I don't look down on someone who uses him. In fact when I play Tag, I choose King and Eddy. What's the big deal? Just because he's a beginner character doesn't make him absurd.
Current Mood: good

21st November 2004

b1ackdea7h6:00pm: Questions to answer...
I noticed that a couple of people are getting interested so here's what I know:

Completely new characters: Feng Wei (Kenpo) and Raven (Ninjitsu)
New characters based off of old ones: Asuka Kazama (Jun), Devil Jin (Tekken Tag + laser), Jack-5

Devil Jin is the Sub-Boss

Jinpachi Mishima is the final boss (Jin's great grandfather, Kazuya's grandfather and martial arts master, Heihachi's father, friend of Wang Jinrey)

All characters have a few new moves

Character customization similar to Virtua FIghter 4

Rumors of the following time release characters:
01: Bear (Not specified)
02: Heihachi Mishima
03: Mokujin
04: Roger Jr.
05: Anna Williams
06: Wang
07: Ganryu
08: Baek Doo San
09: Devil Jin
10: Bruce Irvin
11: Jinpachi Mishima (unlikely to be selectable)
12: Eddy Gordo (likely to be a Christie palette swap)

More info at:

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