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NC Email

we all know that I don't check my e-mail as often as I should. That I am, in fact, a bad bunny rabbit. This last week has been worse than normal, due to various issues, for which I apologise.
However, last night I discovered that there will be no more e-mail EVER. My computer, she is busted. Badly. Not even starting up busted. Frantic recovery of files on it will be happening this week, and hopefully I should have eircom mail back next week but that's not much help in the meantime.
So, if you sent a mail in the last five days or so to my Eircom account, kindly re-direct to my gmail. That's Sadhbh at g mail dot com
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Garou Regional and Cork Vamp game!

Hey all,

timetable for the Groo Regional and Cork Vamp games is...
Friday, Aprils Fools : Requiem, from 7pm, upstairs in Other Realms. Time in at 7.45, turn up early for any other issues.
Saturday, Apr 2nd : Garou National : 7pm to 10pm (Cost of the Garou National is a fiver for both sessions) Other Realms. Probable drinking afterwards and soft RP, venue to be confirmed.
Sunday, Apr 3rd : Garou National - The End. 3pm to 9pm, The Victoria Hotel, Patrick St, Cork, be there for 2 if you have business with the ST beforehand.
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Cork Cam Requiem

Hi all,

Regarding dates for the Cork Cam Requiem game;

We will be holding 2 more out of character nights for character building in Other Realms.

Weds the 16th March, from 7pm until 9pm.
Friday the 18th of March, from 6pm until 9pm.

Fiki will be available at these times, as will I.

The first game is set for Friday April 1st (grins) from 8 until late, details to be confirmed. This is the same weekend as the Garou National, which will run on the Saturday and Sunday.

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Itzacon game times and premises : REGIONAL THIS WEEKEND!

The main feature of LARP'ing at ITZACon will of course be the Cam International Regional games, run by Kris. Regional Vampire:Requiem & Changeling events are confirmed... More experience points for grabs...

17:00pm Camarilla Changeling
Welcome to the Fomorian Free State. Harkening back to the good old days. When men were men, and Sidhe were nervous. To celebrate VH day a party is being held. Because even losers get to have have fun all are invited, and its held in the Inn. A place of sanctuary. Now presenting your host. Mr. The Deathless. It's his birthday. Come and celebrate.
He's eight today.
The eight age of man. Wear your toga, and don't forget your present.

11:00am Camarilla Requiem
Camarilla Requiem

I Vant to drink your blut! No really come back. No violence in Elysium. But if there is, don't forget to wear your runners. + one in combat! (The smartest of us will be bringing a portable ramp...we know where we can get those bonuses from!
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Any member of good standing, which means those who are
paid up members for 2005 and have no disciplinaries pending, may
vote for RC and RST of their own current region. You can vote by
email, SMS or on paper at a game. We must have a written record of
your vote and telling someone who you're voting for does not count.
Vote for the candidates in order of preference (you do not have to
vote for everyone if you do not wish to). Elections are open on the
12th of March, and close at midnight on Sunday the 20th. They are
opening a week after the nomination date in order to give candidates
a chance to respond to queries


Vision Statement of Tom O’Neill

As a storyteller, I have experience at the both the chapter and the domain level. This means I have a good idea of the issues that arise for both STs and players at a local level. I strive to be impartial in the performance of my duties.

I respond to queries from Camarilla members in a timely fashion, a practice I intend to continue if elected. I am readily contactable by email at aenghus at yahoo dot co dot uk. I make an effort to be clear and objective in my correspondence and report on time. I keep in regular contact will all officers in my chain, and think clear communication is essential to the smooth running of the society.

I have a good knowledge of the current rules systems the Camarilla use, and keep myself up to date with new rules and amendments as they are released. The new system will take time and effort to adjust to, but deserves a fair try.

I see the RST position as being a resource for local storytellers. I would support local storytellers to the best of my ability, both in established chapters and in new ones. The health of the Camarilla fundamentally depends on the strength of local chapters.

The new World of Darkness has significant differences from the old one we are used to, and the feel of the setting should have differences as a consequence. I think it important that these differences be explored within our games. The signs are the new venues will be more compatible with one another, and there is more potential for positive cross-venue interaction.

The most important resource the Irish Camarilla has is the players themselves. Those who want to make a contribution should be facilitated, more than perhaps they currently are. As RST I would encourage players to submit plot ideas and suggestions to both their local STs and myself.

At a regional level, my priority would be to facilitate IC connections between local games in the region, regional-level plot being one method of doing so. I think it important that regional plot be user-friendly for local domains, to encourage players to pursue it if so inclined without detracting from the local game.

The care and feeding of new players is important to me, and I would encourage local STs to pay attention to their needs and ensure their initial experience of the Camarilla is a rewarding one.

In summary, I believe I have the combination of experience and dedication needed for the position of RST and ask for your vote.

Camarilla Positions Held

Oct 01-Aug 03 CST Cam/Anarch Cork

Oct 03-Nov 04 ACST Cam/Anarch

Jun-03 acting DST Cork

Sep 03-present DST Cork

Feb 03- Cam Webteam member, maintaining the Irish Camarilla website

I have been active in the Camarilla for most of existence in Cork, and for most of this time have held an ST post of some sort. I have actively played in the major Camarilla venues, and am keeping up to date with the new World of Darkness setting as it is unveiled.

Previous Camarilla Positions
CC Garou Cork Feb 02- Feb 03
CST Garou Cork Feb 03- Mar 04
ANST Wraith Sept 04- Jan 05

Current Positions:None. I am applying for the position of CST Changeling Cork at the time of writing, though.

Why am I standing?:
I have been a member of Camarilla Ireland since 2000. In that time I
have played in various venues and had a lot of fun. The
Camarilla has provided me with many hours of entertainment and is a
venue through which I have met many varied and interesting people,
most of whom I can call friend. If elected RST, I would feel that I
would be giving something back to a society that has given me a lot.

What would I do in the position?:
I would provide a central point of contact for CST's of all venues
where local plot could be expanded into a wider area. I would also
provide a point of contact for the interpretation of non venue
specific national plot and aid the CST's in the implementation of
I would also endevour to produce and implement regional plot that
would work cohesively with local and national plot.
Any approval applications sent to me would be examined for their
impact on the local and regional game and would be approved or denied
solely on that basis.
I am interested in being active in all the venues and would give each
an equal share of my time. I would not either dismiss or favour any
venue based on personal preference.
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Cork Garou and the Garou National

Hey all,

We're nearing the end of the Garou Chronicle, and we still have a hell of a lot of story left to tell. Garou in Cork will be going bi-weekly, in Realms on a Friday night.

The next game will be on Friday the 4th, from 7.30pm, upstairs in Realms. Time in is at 8 SHARP. We need both the Shadowlord and Fianna packs there, loadsa plot type things and hook ins and tie ups, oh my.

The game after that is on Friday the 18th, same time and location.

The National is set for the weekend of April 1 - 3rd, exact times and location have not yet been confirmed but Cill promises faithfully on a pile of piley things that he will let us know by early next week.
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(no subject)

Hi all,
as you know, we have been talking about getting away from domains
and moving towards Regions in Camarilla Ireland for a while. What's
the difference? It means that the officers, instead of being DSTs
and DCs and responsible for one "Domain" or city, will be the
officer for a Region, which will cover several cities.
Why are we doing this?Collapse )
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