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News and Info on Camarilla LARPS in Ireland

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Next Cork Requiem Game [Nov. 28th, 2005|07:30 pm]
News and Info on Camarilla LARPS in Ireland


Hey all

Just to let everyone know the next Requiem is going to be this Thursday 1st of December in Other Realms.
People can start showing up for six if they need to talk with the officers, everyone should be signed in and ready to play at seven pm.
If you have any questions etc feel free to contact me at Cork.Cam.Contact@gmail.com.

The following Requiem game will be Thursday the 15th of December. The venue is to be decided but hopefully it will be in conjunction with WARPS in UCC.
If there is any changes don’t worry I’ll keep you all updated.


Chapter coordinator Requiem and Changeling Cork