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National details!

Date : Friday August 26th to Saturday August 28th
Location : Blackrock Community Centre, Dundalk
Cost : €15 for a weekend pass,
Games Running : Vampire the Requiem, Werewolf the Foresaken and Changeling the Dreaming
Accomodation : Apartment style, 2 sharing a room, 4 people in each apartment. 25 per person for the Friday and Saturday night, please bring your own bed linen.

Game Timetable;
Friday Night
Soft RolePlay (Requiem) in The Malt House from 6PM

Saturday 12.00pm - 4.30pm
WEREWOLF Foresaken
Character Sheet approval* is at 12pm sharp, time in at 12.15pm*

Saturday 6.00pm to 10.30pm
Character Sheet* approval at 6.00pm sharp, time in at 6.15pm

Sunday 12.00pm - 2.00pm
Annual General Meeting

Sunday 2.00pm until 6.30pm
Character Sheet approval* at 2.00pm sharp, time in at 2.15pm



What's the deal with getting my character sheet approved in advance?
What are the game premises?
Where is Dundalk?
How do I get there?
What's the deal with accomodation?
Where else can I stay?
What else will be happening?
Can I book online?
Do I get prestige for prebooking?
What's the booking deadline?

What's the deal with getting my character sheet approved in advance?
In an ideal world, games would start on time. We appreciate this rarely happens, and one of the reasons for this is that frantci last minute character sheet checking. If you get your characters approved in advance you will get 10 prestige, and 3 XP per venue. We're hoping to avoid the last minute queries and checking this way. Please send these as attached files to irishnational@gmail.com with a subject header that reads "Pre Approval Character Sheet for (player name and country) for (venue)". eg. "Pre Approval Character Sheet for Court Dracula, Transylvania for Requiem"
Sheets can be sent until Monday the 22nd of August. Information needed is;
:: your current prestige log
:: the name and email of your ST
:: Your starting character sheet
:: Your current character sheet
:: XP log
Do not assume approval unless you recieve a response from the ANST Ireland of the venue in question.

What are the game premises?
Top secret schemes of intrigue, terror and raw passion in world gone mad, anime style! Um. The STs are still finalising venue and plot details, more here so you can get into that perfect costume when we know!

Where is Dundalk?
Dundalk in County Louth on the East Coast of Ireland, around an hours drive north of Dublin and south of Belfast. It's around halfway between Dublin and Belfast, and is part of the Irish Republic. Therefore the currency used is the euro and it rains ALL THE TIME. There's a map of the town and venues going up on our website very soon...

How do I get there?
Dundalk is pretty well serviced in terms of rail and bus routes. Getting from Dublin or Belfast to Dundalk should be relatively painless and cost less than twenty quid. In most cases, the easiest thing to do is get to Dublin or Belfast and get a route on from there. Dundalk is around an hour by rail, and a little longer by bus or car from Dublin. Here's a few carriers below;
:: Bus Eireann – http://www.buseireann.ie/site/home/ - Irelands National bus service, cheap and normally cheerful, there should be a route from ANY town in Ireland. There are routes from Dublin that pass through Dublin airport and stops right besdie the Setanta apartments
:: Aircoach - http://www.aircoach.ie/ - Luxury coaches, routes direct from Dublin, Belfast, indirect from Cork and Galway. Large, spacious seats and surprisingly cheap. Servicing all Irelands airports.
:: Matthew's Buses – http://www.matthewscoach.com/ - No airport stop, though the fares are cheaper and also stops adjacent to the apartments
:: Irish rail – http://www.irishrail.ie/home/ – The national rail network, services from Belfast and Dublin, stops in town centre. More expensive, but also a lot faster.
Wondering how to get to Ireland in the first place? Try flying to Dublin or Belfast with airlines such as;
http://www.aerlingus.com - Reliable and a little pricy
http://www.ryanair.com - Cheap. Rarely cheerful.
http://www.aerarann.ie - Occasional good deals on internal Irish travel, pretty useless out of the country
http://www.bmibaby.com - Good for travel from the UK
http://www.easyjet.com - To Belfast only, some bargains to be had
Travel by sea to Dublin or Belfast from the west coast of the UK with;
Stena Line (www.stenaline.com)
Seacat (www.seacat.ie)
Irish Ferries (www.irishferries.ie)
Within Dundalk, if you need a cab try Sevens (0429377777) or Top Rank (0429326555), they will know all the venues being used, so don't worry about directions!

What's the deal with accomodation?
We're staying in http://setanta-apartments.ie/ - The website will give you the details you require, there is one error about bed linen being provided, you will need to bring along your own.
It will cost €25 per head for the weekend. You will be in rooms of two; two rooms to an apartment, so please book in groups of two (if not four) where possible. If you want to stay an extra night, that's not a problem, but it will cost 60 per apartment per night.
They are walking distance to the venue, but feel free to get a cab if you want to avoid a 30 minutes walk!

Where else can I stay?
For those of you who are too posh to stay in the above apartments you can stay in the Fairways hotel - http://www.fairways.ie/ - which, as you will see from the map, is just a 15 minute walk along a straight road. If you are looking for B&B accommodation check http://louth.goireland.com/scripts/low/xq/asp/areaid.186/areatype.C/c at.0/SubjectID.47/PremisesID.39563/qx/premises.htm - €32 per person sharing, also on that stretch of magical road (again location shown on the map). Dundalk does not have a hostel or campsite, and there will NOT be crashspace available at the weekend due to the lack on Dundalk members with suitable space. Please don't ask, as we will have to say no.

What else will be happening?
You mean there's life other than the Cam? This is Ireland, there will be singing and dancing post games. In addition to the fun stuff we have an AGM on the Sunday, where we will be talking about the future of the game in Ireland, voting on our new constitution and probably cursing our hangover a lot.
On the weekend, we're going to have a photographer meandering about taking photos, so don't feel you have to chronicle it all yourself, as it's be going on the web. Get that glitzy costume out and help us defend our title as the "Best Looking Camarilla Affiliate" from Brazil.
Impromptu sightseeing and beerswilling trips will happen, they always do.

Can I book online?
We're sorry, but we can not accept cash transactions online. You can download a booking form from the website and send to Sadhbh Warren , co Other Realms, Paul Street Shopping Centre, Cork. Cash is sent at your own risk. Make cheques or postal orders out to "Sadhbh Warren". We recommend registered mail. Please remember, only CURRENT members paid up for 2005 can attend the National. You can send a "soft booking" or filled in booking form to irishnational@gmail.com, along with any queries, but you will need to send us payment before we can confirm your booking and your place.

Do I get Prestige for pre-booking?
If received BEFORE Friday August 19th you will receive 20 local prestige. Confirmed pre-approval of your characters is worth a further 10 prestige, and 3 XP per venue. (This is over cap, however, if your own home country rules do not recognise XP over cap, we can't force 'em, sorry!

What's the booking deadline?
Closing date for our receipt of you booking is Monday the 22nd, after that, please mail irishnational@gmail.com and we will try and accomodate you as best we can.
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