June 21st, 2005


Cork Requiem Game

Hey all just to let you know the next requiem game will be tommrrow in Other Realms.
Since the store will be closing early everyone will be asked to meet up at 6pm instead of the regular 7:30.
If you need to talk with the officers please show up early. Rember if you haven't paid membership you will not be allowed to play. There has been eneough time given for this so you can't say you didnt have a chance.

Sorry guys due to unforseen circumstances this game will be canceled, untill Friday of this week.
Horsie, raspberry, pbbt

Cork Games : Foresaken and Requiem

Hey all,

Foresaken is taking place on MONDAY 27th in Realms, from 6pm.

Requiem is NOT running tomor night as the ST has to attend a funeral. It seems likely that it will run on Friday night in Realms from 7pm instead, but watch this space.
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