June 20th, 2005

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Forsaken Game Dates in Cork

Hi all,

Tonight (Mon 20), there will be a Character Creation night for the Forsaken venue in Other Realms in Cork. The st is here all day, but the cc night officially kicks off at 8

Next Monday, the 28th, will see the first game, also in OR.

Next Monday is, in fact, the 27th as Neil cannot count. Bad me.
Horsie, raspberry, pbbt


(posted by Dave on Irish-OOC)

As you may or may not have heard this years national is going to be
held in Dundalk (yeah!). Well, finally enough things have fallen
into place for us to get the word out on the dates and specifics
such as accommodation.

So without further ado:

Dates – Friday the 26th to Sunday the 28th of August
Venue: Blackrock community centre, Dundalk (there is a map of
Dundalk town in the files section – it will get updated soon, but
shows all the major areas of the National)
{Also Soft RP in the Malt house on Friday night}

Don't come looking for crash space that weekend in Dundalk as there
ain't none. Instead we have worked out a deal with the college
campus apartments:

http://setanta-apartments.ie/ - The website will give you the
details you require, there is one error about bed linen being
provided, you will need to bring along your own. IT will cost €30
per head for the weekend. You will be in rooms of two; two rooms to
an apartment, so please book in groups of two (if not four) were
possible. Also please book through myself or Adam as we are looking
to get a group discount for y'all.
We would like to get the majority of people to stay here, as it will
be our rallying point for the weekend. We will be arranging mini-bus
transport to and from the venue for those who require it.

For those of you who are too posh to stay in the above apartments
you can stay in the Fairways hotel - http://www.fairways.ie/ -
which, as you will see from the map, is just a 15 minute walk along
a straight road.

Finally if you are looking for B&B accommodation check
at.0/SubjectID.47/PremisesID.39563/qx/premises.htm - €32 per person
sharing, also on that stretch of magical road (again location shown
on the map)

Again please consider staying in the apartments, and book places
there through myself or Adam ASAP.

Here are is list of travel methods to Dundalk and around Dundalk.
Taxi – Sevens (0429377777), Top Rank (0429326555) - All locations
have been chosen for the ease of recognition by taxi drivers, no
need for directions).
Bus - Bus Eireann – http://www.buseireann.ie/site/home/ - passes
Dublin airport and stops right besdie the Setanta apartments
Matthew's buses – http://www.matthewscoach.com/ - no airport stop,
though cheaper fairs and also stops adjacent to the apartments
Train – Irish rail – http://www.irishrail.ie/home/ – services from
Belfast and Dublin, stop in town centre
Via Air: Dublin Airport - http://www.dublin-airport.com
Belfast Airport -

There is a rake of entertainment planned for both after games and
for those of you who will need to kill a few hours during any games
you don't play (assuming you don't want to NPC)

There will a list of eateries provided which will detail places you
can stuff yourself near both the venue and the accommodation.

To be announced by our glorious NC

Now, we expect a big turnout, so go tell your friends and get
booking ASAP!
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