Next Cork Requiem Game

Hey all

Just to let everyone know the next Requiem is going to be this Thursday 1st of December in Other Realms.
People can start showing up for six if they need to talk with the officers, everyone should be signed in and ready to play at seven pm.
If you have any questions etc feel free to contact me at

The following Requiem game will be Thursday the 15th of December. The venue is to be decided but hopefully it will be in conjunction with WARPS in UCC.
If there is any changes don’t worry I’ll keep you all updated.


Chapter coordinator Requiem and Changeling Cork
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ICC News

Be it known that on this 30th Day of October, 2005

Kris Crofts- ANST Changeling- Ireland

is recognised as the International Storyteller of the Year for his many contributions to the Camarilla Chronicle as recommended by his fellow members and peers.

Go Kris!

Next Cork Requiem Game

Hey all just to let you know the next Cork Requiem game is going to be at 6 pm Thursday 20th of October in Other Realms.
This means that downtimes have to be in this coming Thursday 13th so that the ST can get all of work done before the game. Remember a late downtime means a late start to the game.

Sandra Duggan
CC Changeling and Requiem


To all those who are interested

We Cork Cammies shall be heading bowling on Thursday 29th @7pm at the Leisureplex on Mc Curtian Street. Those of you who fancy a drink afterwards we shall be retiring to the LV across the road pos bowling.

We have two lanes rented out so that works out at €60, this also included shoe hire.
So if we get 12 people this works out at about €5 each.
I’d like to get better idea of numbers so if people can text me or get in contact that would be great.

Oh and also this will have NOTHING to do with role-playing at all. Just bear that in mind and have fun.

Your friendly C

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Changling DDublin

Next Changeling Dublin game will be held on
Sunday, September 18th
in the civic gardens, weather permitting.

Meetup at 2pm, for time in at 3pm.
Tea and cake or cinema to follow.
Come one and all.

Give the International Storyteller of the Year nominee a chance to convert you.

Ling - it's not all faffing and faeries, ya know :)

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Hello all.

This message is to inform you all that Richard Farrell has won the vote for ST Requiem Cork. I’d like to be the first to congratulate him and welcome him to the fray as an officer.
I hoe that everyone will do their best to co-operate with him and help the society move on too bigger and better things.

Congratulations Richard.

Sandra Duggan
CC Requiem and Changeling Cork
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National details!

Date : Friday August 26th to Saturday August 28th
Location : Blackrock Community Centre, Dundalk
Cost : €15 for a weekend pass,
Games Running : Vampire the Requiem, Werewolf the Foresaken and Changeling the Dreaming
Accomodation : Apartment style, 2 sharing a room, 4 people in each apartment. 25 per person for the Friday and Saturday night, please bring your own bed linen.

Game Timetable;
Friday Night
Soft RolePlay (Requiem) in The Malt House from 6PM

Saturday 12.00pm - 4.30pm
WEREWOLF Foresaken
Character Sheet approval* is at 12pm sharp, time in at 12.15pm*

Saturday 6.00pm to 10.30pm
Character Sheet* approval at 6.00pm sharp, time in at 6.15pm

Sunday 12.00pm - 2.00pm
Annual General Meeting

Sunday 2.00pm until 6.30pm
Character Sheet approval* at 2.00pm sharp, time in at 2.15pm



What's the deal with getting my character sheet approved in advance?
What are the game premises?
Where is Dundalk?
How do I get there?
What's the deal with accomodation?
Where else can I stay?
What else will be happening?
Can I book online?
Do I get prestige for prebooking?
What's the booking deadline?

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Cork ST Election

Ok Guys
The nominations are in for Requiem Story teller in Cork.

Richard Farrell and Sam Eccelston.

Neither of the nominees has submitted any written documents or mission plans as to what they would like to do with the game.

Voting will take place all week ending on midnight Saturday 23rd.

The voting will be first past the post as already stated in previous e-mail and notices.

These dates will not change.
If the nominees are free I will call a meeting for this Thursday 21st at 7:30 in other realms. If you can’t make it please let me know ASAP either by mail or call me.

If anybody has any questions please let me know.

Only paid members can vote anyone who did not pay by midnight 17th of July is not eligible to vote as I did make this very clear.

Vote will be in written format only- i.e. e-mail, text or paper are all-acceptable so make sure you get them in.

I am contactable via all communications methods and will be in other realms every afternoon this week after work. Make sure you vote and be counted.

Sandra Duggan
CC Requiem and Changeling Cork