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iPod Mods

Customize yours!

Customize Your iPod
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Unhappy with the look of your iPod? Unhappy with the colors, graphics or fonts? Not content just using your iPod to play music? _ipod_mods is the place to find new ideas and ways to customize your iPod. It's like layouts for your iPod! (if you're nice to us we might even fill requests)


_ipod_mods is maintained by kris10_86 and paranormalechos. You can contact one of us with any questions, comments or concerns at modyourpod@gmail.com.

Posting Guidelines>>

-Posts must consist of questions about iPod customization, a theme for iPod (please, only post themes you created or a link to where you found a theme), or an iPod mod.
-Please do not promote other communities here
-This is not the place for questions regaurding use of the iPod, or for iPod support, try ipod or ipod_support for those questions, please!
-Got a large picture post? A lengthy article? Then lj-cut it please!
-Most importantly, have fun, be creative, and share your ideas!


Some general information: iPod themes will only work on the model of iPod for which they were created, if you have a different model, you can edit the images yourself to fit with one of the downloadable photo editors. All the themes are posted to work with the newest iPod updater (i.e. the newest firmware), so make sure you have those. As for which version of the firmware to use, as for right now we know: Video = 13.6.1, Nano = 14.5.1, Color/Photo =, 3rd Gen = 2.2.3, 1st/2nd Gen = 1.1.5, versions 3, 4, and 7 = some version of the mini. If you are unsure which version to use, you can figure it out the way we would...look at your iPod, look at the pictures in the wizard, see if they match up. If the firmware doesn't seem to load, make sure you are using the correct version, try another, then see if it works then. Also, we are not experts on the iPod or Apple software...so if you have a general question about that, we probably don't have any more of an idea than you do.

Information regarding the iPod warranty can be found here: http://www.livejournal.com/community/_ipod_mods/2100.html

To customize your iPod's colors, graphics and fonts you will need:
- iPodWizard v1.1 which can be downloaded here
- iPod Updater which can be downloaded here

Want to edit the iPod graphics? Here are some free/trial photo editors:
- Adobe Photoshop free trial
- PhotoPlus6
- the GIMP the GNU Image Manipulation Program

Step by step use of the iPod wizard and updater (to install graphics onto your iPod) can be found in this post:http://www.livejournal.com/community/_ipod_mods/1032.html

If you have created a theme for an iPod, you can put all the images into a .zip or a .rar file:
1. Download a program such as win zip or win rar
2. Make a folder independent of the zip program with the files you want to upload.
3. Right-click the folder and a prompt should appear saying "add to thefoldername.zip", and choose whichever you want.
4. Winzip will open and compress the file. the zip file will replace the zipped folder.
5. Upload and share!

Uploading services:

service >>> limit
yousendit 1000MB
sendspace 1200MB
filefactory 500MB
filefront unlimited
rapid upload 300MB

*disclaimer* We are hackers at heart and take no responsibility for anything other than making your iPod look really sweet.