☆ѕαrαh☆ (_spinaroundme) wrote in _ipod_mods,

I have a few questions. :) Okay, I am trying to put the Argyle Pink onto my Video 30gb iPod. I printed off the directions from the userinfo and I pretty much understand how to do everything but it's not clicking together.
When I bring up the iPod Wizard nothing is matching up. Now, I read a comment from someone saying that this was also happening to them and it's because it was used during a different install but even when I try to "load bitmap" to what I think is right, it's still not working. It's like the box isn't big enough. It's also not in color, is this right?
If someone has some extra time I was wondering if you could IM me and walk me through it. I won't be a hard person to work with and I won't take much of your time.

Thank you.
AIM=lovely x touch
E-mail= s_minidis@yahoo.com

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