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I have a 30GB Video iPod, and I used iPod Wizard to try and change the pictures around. I messed up and now everything on my iPod is mixed up. I tried resetting it, but it didn't fix it. Everything else is working fine, but it's really annoying.


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Hi all, Nice Community, very asthetic.

So I bought an Ipod nano 2GB at christmas.... now I'm bored of it... how do i mess with it?? :)

on a more serious note, it seems like this community talks about some pretty technical ipod stuff, I'm very into fiddling with gadgets, computers etc, but not too knowledgable on th iPod. any suggestions on some reading to get me up to speed on whats going on?


Benn xx
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Thought this was way cool.

--Stolen from rhapsody
Step 1: Put your iPod or whatever on random.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 20 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song.
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song and artist the lines come from (choose only ONE line!!).
Step 4: Strike out the songs when someone guesses correctly.
Step 5: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING! 

1. Seem to stop my breath, my head on your chest waiting to cave in.   THE USED--I CAUGHT FIRE _aheartdown
2. You wanna know more,more,more about me. Skye Sweetnam- Tangled Up in Me  swingswing__</u></span></span></span>
3. Sometimes late at night i lay awake and watch her sleeping. Garth Brooks--If Tomorrow Never Comes ccisaacs
4. From underneath I wanted you to see the first thing I'd ever poured my heart on to.
5. You got to come orginial, come original, all entertainers come original. 311--COME ORIGINAL _aheartdown
6. Motel, sit in the dark, empty room like an empty heart.  OTOWN--THESE ARE THE DAYS_aheartdown
7. As the spring is blue, summers star and the moon, come and dance with me my love.
8. Theres not much going on today, im really bored its getting late.Avril Lavigne- He Wasn'tthequeenofpink
9. Hello you, how was the rest? 
10. What an amazing time, what a family. Gwen Stefani- What you waiting for?</u></u></u>starmygalaxy</span></span>
11. Come here, please hold my hand lord now. 
12. And today was a day just like any other, im on the verge, im on the verge. JACKS MANNEQUIN -- IM READY alie_xandra
13. Lying here with you, listening to the rain.
14. Your life has been so hard its dried up angels cant keep going.
15. Woo Hoo, Woo Hoo Hoo. (haha) The 5,6,7,8's- Woo Hoo </u></u>honeyftdew</span>
16. I woke the dawn saw horses growing out the lawn.
17. Finding my way back to sanityLifehouse--Breathing crystaltears07
18. Its been a long long time since i looked into the mirror. You Set Me Free--Michelle Branch crystaltears07
19. Time winds down as you stretch upward to heaven.
20. Hold on, Hold on, Dont be scared.

ill fix this later i have to go eat. sorry.
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I'm writing a paper on what not to do during a sales presentation, and I vaguely remember a news article from a while back about what not to do during an interview. One of the things listed was don't have your iPod out or in your ears during a job interview, and then told of one guy who actually did so.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about, or even have a link to the article I'm talking about, or a similar one? I'm not sure if posts like this are allowed, but I'd really appreciate any help I can get.

Thanks so much!


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I have a few questions. :) Okay, I am trying to put the Argyle Pink onto my Video 30gb iPod. I printed off the directions from the userinfo and I pretty much understand how to do everything but it's not clicking together.
When I bring up the iPod Wizard nothing is matching up. Now, I read a comment from someone saying that this was also happening to them and it's because it was used during a different install but even when I try to "load bitmap" to what I think is right, it's still not working. It's like the box isn't big enough. It's also not in color, is this right?
If someone has some extra time I was wondering if you could IM me and walk me through it. I won't be a hard person to work with and I won't take much of your time.

Thank you.
AIM=lovely x touch
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Alright guys, I guess I'm semi-new here... but I'd like some advice and this is one of the best places I can think to post.

I'm working on a "mix tape" theme for my ipod. here's the questions...
a) Would any of you all be interested in this when I'm finished?
b) So far for rating stars I have headphones and the battery charging is a little mix tape... aside from just changing the colors is there any things you could think to change (and into what) that would fit with my theme?
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Where would be a good site to show how to mod the screens for a 3G ipod?

I tried it once before but I couldn't get the pictures to actually change.