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Iowa people UNITE!

....cause talking to cows gets old.

Welcome to the cornfield
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Ever notice that finding cool people to meet in Iowa isnt so easy?

Yeah, we noticed that too.

Come on in, say hi, talk to some new people that you probably havent talked to before. Hell, if nothing else you might get 10 minutes or so of entertainment from a total stranger that just happens to be living in the same hell that you are.

Or maybe you'll meet 'the one'

ok. probably not. but who knows? right? right.

tell your friends too.

**Been forced to leave your beloved Iowa? Check out our sibling community, iowa_expats!!

No "spam" or posting of events that are NOT directly related to Iowa. No crossposting. This includes, but is not limited to, ads for concerts, ads for businesses, ads for parties, ads for groups that are not based on the fact that its members are Iowans, and so forth. In short, THIS IS NOT YOUR FREAKIN AD BOARD. We ask this because many people have this community on their friends page, and do not want their friends page to be flooded with advertisements. Please save these posts for specialized communities. Thank you for your cooperation.

Entries in violation of the above will be deleted. Attempt it a few times and you will be banned. NO ADS IN THIS COMMUNITY. sheesh. If you MUST post an ad, do so BEHIND a cut. And I mean TOTALLY behind a cut. Otherwise you'll incur the wrath of the maintainer, and it'll be deleted. capiche?

The maintainer of this community reserves the right to change these rules at any point with out prior warning to quickly and effectively serve the best interests of all community members as he/she sees fit.

July 19, 2004. As of now, all long entries MUST be placed behind an LJ-Cut. If you do not know how to do this, then may I direct you to the Livejournal FAQ. Entries in violation of this will be deleted with out warning.

(and please, do not be an asshole in here. You can be an asshole all you like in other communities, but if you insist on being one here, you will be banned, and that is no fun for anyone)