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Bored? Looking for something to do?

[[ Forgive the 'advertising'...but this is one of my primary outlets of entertainment here in Iowa. Plus, it gives me a chance to learn something as I go along... ]]

Do you have an interest in the Middle Ages or the Renaissance? Do you like trying something new or different? Do you like to travel around, making new friends? Then you might be interested in the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (also known as the Society or the SCA).

The SCA is an international, non-profit, educational organization that recreates the Middle Ages...focusing primarily on Europe (and the regions they came into contact with) from the fall of the Roman Empire up to 1600 CE. Now...what does this mean exactly? Let's go through this bit by bit:
* International: It's just that. The SCA has members all over the USA, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, and Australia/New Zealand.
* Non-Profit: Primarily, this means that the SCA is not out to make any money. Any funds that are acquired by any local group are recycled back to the group to further develop the SCA and the local group.
* Educational: The SCA is a Living History organization, so we are out to learn by well as through research and discussion.
* Recreate: Unlike the Renaissance Festivals in Shakopee or Bristol, the SCA does not perform a set script. They do not re-enact what has happened already, but rather recreates what life MAY have been like in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
* Anachronism: Something that is out of time or place. Thus bringing Medieval thought and life to modern society in this case.
* Creative: See "Anachronism" and "Recreate" and add in some creativity in achieving that. That is the heart of the SCA...aside from Honor, Valor, Courtesy, and Chivalry.

What can the SCA offer you though?
* Marshalled Combat: archery and armored combat are authorized activities; rapier combat is authorized in those areas that fall in the Middle Kingdom (most of Iowa does NOT allow rapier combat; see below for locations)
* Arts & Sciences: weaving, brewing, beadmaking, candlemaking, heraldry, papermaking, metalsmithing, herbalism, singing, dancing, belly dancing, drumming, illumination, calligraphy, Medieval languages, and many, many other areas of interest.
* Social Opportunities
* And many, many, many more things that are too numerous to list here!!! for Iowa, there are currently FOURTEEN (14) local chapters of the SCA:
The Kingdom of Calontir:
* Barony of Couer D'Ennui: Des Moines/Urbandale area
* Canton of Axed Root: Ames area
* Shire of Deodar: Cedar Rapids/Marion area
* Shire of Herald's Hill: Mason City/Forest City area
* Shire of La Grande Tente: Cedar Falls/Waterloo area
* College of No Mountain: Grinnell area
* Shire of Shadowdale: Iowa City/Coralville area
* Incipient Shire of Flinthyll: Burlington area
* Riverwatch Contact Group: Dubuque area
* Shire of Loch Meadhonach: Emmetsburg/West Bend area
* Barony of Lonely Tower: Council Bluffs, IA/Omaha, NE area
The Kingdom of the Middle:
* Shire of Dark River: the Quad Cities area
The Kingdom of Northshield:
* Shire of Border Downs: Sioux City, IA/Sioux Fall, SD area

There is also a contact group established in the Red Oak area. If anyone has any further questions about the SCA, or are in an area where there is not a website for the local group listed...or you're just not sure which group is closest to you, post a comment and I will answer any and all questions you may have.

Until the next time,
Giudo di Niccolo Brunelleschi
Shire of Deodar, Kingdom of Calontir
Deodar Pursuivant & La Grande Tente Pursuivant-at-Large
Member of Clan Blue Feather & Child in House ORU
Modar’s 14 of 8 (Agent LL) /// Long Live the Llama!!!
[[ Or in normal terms, I'm Jeremy!!! *waves* ]]
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