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Review from a Stranger

Well, folks, it was bound to happen. I found something cheap, fun and not alcohol-related in Iowa City.

I went to the 9 o'clock show at Public Space One to see Paperback Rhino. Hilarity ensued. From the moment I walked up the stairs smathered in posters, artwork, and murals, I was greeted by a friendly face and promptly dropped my donation into the mouth of a drawing. I sat around, read some of the literature there, then the lights dimmed and energy filled the space. From the opening welcome to the ending heart on the dry-erase board, the troupe of PBR made everyone feel welcomed. The skits were great, and I chuckled heartily and laughed out loud quite a few times. This wasn't any of that ol' "Drew Carey trying to do improv/ABC junk". This was true improv - I know, because I was part of the audience.

The cast is well-trained in the art and you could see the friendship and easy-going competition between them. I realize that this wasn't the whole gang, either, but those I saw on stage (and the ones that were pointed out in the audience) were there to entertain the public.

They did just that.

There was the usual "help support us" chatter, but it was intelligent and not pleading. These people do it because they love it - and our donations help them continue doing it - for our enjoyment. It's one big circle, people. I recommend everyone to check 'em out. If anything, it's a great thing that happens before you start drinking.

Thank you PBR/Public Space One. I will return..

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