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I don't remember if I ever did one of these...and if I's a LONG time ago.'s the basic deal with me:

Name: Jeremy
Age: 27
Birthdate: December 12
Born: New Hampton, IA
Raised: Ionia, IA
High School: New Hampton, IA (graduated '95)
College: UNI (1995-98); Kirkwood (2001-03)
Field of Study: Theatre & Arts Management, Dance, Religion
Current Hometown: Cedar Rapids/Marion, IA (in the process of moving)
Religion: Agnostic with existentialist viewpoints, raised Lutheran, all with some Pagan/Wiccan/Neo-Pagan aspects mixed in
Sexuality: Should be obvious...*heh*
Hobbies/Interests: SCA...which has many sub-hobbies (ie: rapier combat, glass bead making, heraldic research, costuming) all pertaining to Medeival and Renaissance times/cultures; the Harry Potter series

I'd go into further depth about the SCA (what it is, what we do, etc)...but since that's against the community rules...I'll spare the lecture...*heh* [[Anyone that's DYING to know though...can torment me privately...*nods* I'm ALWAYS willing to talk about the SCA...*nodsnods*]]

EDIT: OK...the post I made in iowaculture about Iowa SCA activities and such has been posted HERE Anyone with questions about the SCA can check out the information about the Iowa groups and activities there.

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