September 20th, 2004



Hey Kids!

So for the first time in who knows how long, I'm leaving my hometown in Alaska to stay with my dad. My dad lives in Iowa. Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. I don't know anyone in Iowa, so instead of worrying about it for a month before I actually go down there, I got it in my head to see how livejournal could be used to my advantage.

So I suppose if you live in the Mt. Pleasant area, any good tips about where to hang out or meet people would be awesome. I'm not sure what there is to do down there, but its not too crazy up here either, so I'm pretty used to the small town life.

I guess that pretty much covers it. Thanks!
Howie Colored

(no subject)

Any one in Iowa City know what this "FAZE: One" thing is? There are posters all along the widows that face the street in the Old Capitol Mall. I'm just wondering because they're advertising a concert I'd kinda like to go see. Are they related to the student organization 24-7?

Relocating from Fla...

Hi there. My family and I may be relocating to Iowa from Fla. Yes, I've heard: there are cows... and corn. Actually my husband works for a company that is opening a new store in West Des Moines. Since we can relocate and obtain a much larger house while procuring a much SMALLER mortgage - this would be a exciting and good move for us to make. We've both been in South Florida since we were children and now that we have our own, are wondering if West Des Moines is a family-friendly town. Any advice or information is welcomed. We consider ourselves to be quite liberal - is this different than most of the general population? Advise, advise, advise! Thank you very much all!

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