September 10th, 2004

Dear Diary

For those of us in the Des Moines area...

If you can read this, you are cordially, formally, and officially invited to join the DJ msmamalove (and me, arwynestaria, as well as several other very wonderful people) on Saturday nights for karaoke at Foxboro Grill in Johnston.

For the next several weeks, they're running a karaoke contest. The winner each Saturday wins a $25 bar tab. Plus, that person and the first runner-up qualify for the final contest on October 2, which has a grand prize of $500.
The NON-suckitude of the regular singers is phenomenal...even if you don't particularly like to sing in public, it'd still be great to get as many locals out there as possible. She relys on audience enthusiasm to decide the winners, AND we have a lot of fun (i've been there, I know!!).

SO...if you're interested in any aspect of the above, please make your way out to Foxboro this (and every) Saturday. The show starts at 8 p.m., ends at 12 p.m. No cover, no charge to get into the contest, nothing. It's SO MUCH FUN!!!

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Wondering if anyone in the CR/Marion area knows of any 2-3 bedroom apartments/houses that are for rent...price range $500 or under? I'm coming up with dead ends with my search...any suggestions/recommendations?
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