September 8th, 2004

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I joined, and forgot to post... name:Dani location: Maxwell born in: Des Moines sexual pref.: straight (men) status: relationship religion: None fav bands/singers: The Beatles, The Doors, The Greatful Dead, Sean Paul, Jet, Maroon 5, Rightous Brothers (differnet, I know) AIM: dano87 I'm 17 and attending high-school at Collins-Maxwell in Maxwell. I'm a senoir & am going to pursue a careerr in nursing.
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peer pressure

name: Candice
age: 22
location: born in boston, but iowa on my mind
sexual pref.: whatever you want me to be
status: single as they come
religion: don't care
fav bands/singers: natalie merchant, 10.000 maniacs, u2, rem, clapton, more blues, all 80s, and random hip hop....too much to name
AIM: ctrinafair

message me! i love talking to new people!

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hey my trig class is doing crowd intelligence thing and this is it. give what your score is going to be on the hawks vs. cyclones (realistically) and we will put you in the poll. i will tell you guys the final crowd score friday.
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windblown at matthews beach

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hey y'all send me an IM. talking to all the seattle people are boring. i need some more people to talk to from iowa besides my family. plus you all seem way cool. iowa pride

We so Corny!

name: Chelsey
age: 18
location: Dubuque
sexual pref.: Straight but not narrow
status: Regretfully single
religion: Agnostic/boarderline athiest
fav bands/singers: Bright Eyes, Lucky Boy's Confusion, Clay Aiken, Get Up Kids, Dispatch, The Pixies, Josh Groban, Rufus Wainwright, Desaperacidos, and... 80's.
AIM: I tell you when I want to!
email: You know, all this is in my info.

PS: I'm a member of too many communities that begin with a "_"
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