September 7th, 2004

windblown at matthews beach


hey my name is Reilly Loveland and I was born in Janesville, Iowa outside of Cedar Falls, Waverly kind of area. now i live in seattle but live in iowa part time. It's kickin in iowa, gotta love the farm life. Seattle isnt too interesting. Was just in iowa about a week ago, went to the state fair and all that, that place is wicked cool. Got family all over iowa, if anyone knows the O'reillys or the Gardners or Lovelands, thats my family. Go panthers!
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windblown at matthews beach


sorry, forgot to post the survey.

name: Reilly
location: Seattle/janesville
born in: Janesville
sexual pref.: Straight
status: single
religion: agnostic
fav bands/singers: queen, mindy smith, the corrs, acceptance, the doors, the proclaimers, hole and so on...
AIM: reikeoreilly125
Me--State Fair


I joined, and forgot to post...

name: Rebecca
location: Currently Ames, but I am moving back to Independence in December
born in: technically Cedar Rapids, but grew up in Independence
sexual pref.: bisexual
status: single
religion: nope.
fav bands/singers: The Beatles, Alice In Chains, Moby, Paul tastes in music are varied and eclectic!
AIM: rawbery79

I'm 24, a student at DMACC studying French and Spanish to become a translator. I have a background in broadcasting because my first career was in radio. That's about it...



name: Summer
age: 27
location: Dubuque, born 'n' bred
sexual pref.: straight. Don't care if you are or aren't.
status: long time relationship type thingy
religion: agnostic
fav bands/singers: Dream Theater, The Gathering, My Dying Bride, The Project Hate, Lacuna Coil, I could go on for days... me = music nerd
AIM: gloomchen

Are there any cool people in Dubuque who I haven't met yet? Seriously, I'm bored. I need to find some cooler bars to hang out at. I need to travel to more concerts/shows/etc. (Metal people: Deicide is playing in East Dubuque at the end of this month! Anything else in a 90 mile radius?) Uh, yeah, I write for as a music chick and I have cats and stuff. I'm halfway off my rocker. I'm old, get off my lawn.

I look forward to much corn and soybean discussion. And figuring out how to stay on I-80 through Des Moines without getting on I-35 AGAIN. Yay!
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