August 2nd, 2004



name: michelle
age: 20
location: lovilia [yeah, i one knows where that is...]
born in: cedar rapids, moved to lovilia when i was 3...i go back every now and then...
sexual pref.: straight
status: single, not looking
religion: messianic jew
college: indian hills community college
fav bands/singers: too many to say...but- barenakedladies, the shins, the juliana theory, death cab for cutie, good charlotte, the all american rejects, glenn miller, frank sinatra, bebo norman, kendall payne, nicole nordeman, reliant k, sarah groves, john reuban, the get up kids, john mayer, jason maraz, bjork, caedmon's call, maroon 5, india arie, avril lavigne...etc etc
AIM: exiledXmisfit
YAHOO: [i don't use this one all that much]
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