May 3rd, 2004

One FIne Day

Hey everybody, i just joined the community. My name is Mallory and i'm almost 16, so knowing that much i'm probably too young, *laughs* but that's ok. Its just nice to know that there is a community for people from Iowa. If anyone wants to chat you can post in my lj or email me and such. If you want to email me you shouly prolly post first so i'm not thinkin i'm just getting strange emails. *laughs* so i like music and writing and reading and some sports. I'm still in high school but we're almost out for the summer, so i'm happy about that. I'm constantly tired or bored, yet i don't think of myself as a boring person. So just post to me if ya wanna chat, i chat about pretty much everything since i like a LOT of stuff. Later
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