March 3rd, 2004

sick, sad world

Isn't it crazy when you live for the end of Tuesday and Wednesday when you can watch American Idol? I know it's just me and my crazy idol addictness. It's really sad.

I retook my math quiz, and sadly to say, i did worse than i did last time. Looks like I'll be retaking that thing tomorrow. Good times.
I have McDonald's tonight and it made me want to vom. I haven't eaten it for a while, but it just tasted really strange. . .I think we are going to stick to Culver's from now on. I like for frozen Custard. I went shopping for food too. I figured Leslie might need something to eat if we can't all make it to the dining center. Anyway, I bored with writing. ..gotta practive the voice within for Cyclone Idol!
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