February 26th, 2004

Hello Hello Hello!!!

I've been lurking around here for a while, and realized I never posted an introduction. *LOL*

ANYwho, I'm Jeremy. *waves to everyone* And I grew up in the Ionia/New Hamption area, went to UNI for a few years, and I've been in Cedar Rapids since '98.

Any other details can be found in my LJ profile or in my randomly odd posts. Until then...Ciao!!!
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Good morning!

Yeah, I'm probably insane. So what? Anyway...my little intro. I'm Eric. I'm in my second semester at UNI, and it's alright. Three months out of the year I live in Fairfax. You know, that tiny-ass town southwest of Cedar Rapids? No? Well, I should've figured. Anywho, I'm a boring pasty white person who plays trombone in UNI's marching band. Yay me. That's about all you're going to get, as I'm tired and have an essay to write yet tonight. G'bye!
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