February 18th, 2004


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hey guys! well lets see i live in califronia, but i love iowa! but iw ouldnt vmoe there, when im older maybe but not now, well my whle family lives over there all out side of des moines i go there every summer and have corn ever day
and my family has accents aw its awesome!
i love them!
well yah i am going thsi summer for two weeks (for the 4th of july) and it should be fun!
yah my family that i am close with live sin new virgina, st. marys and that otehr place which is by st marys cant think of it and indianola, and that otehr place with teh indian...lol i dont remember.
yah iowa is fun besdies that fact that i go to teh store and every stares at me!
so weird
but one guy taht was staring was hot so hey if your on here, talk to me babe ;) (highly dought it though) well peace out ladies and gent love yah all and keep teh corn out of yea teeth!

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