December 27th, 2003

Devil horn crossing

Pubcrawler web site & good places for a pint in the area

Back when I was living out of my suitcase, traveling for work every few weeks I found as an excellent venue to find a place to find a good pint of quality beer.

Well, looking to broaden my horizons for the local establishments I went to Pubcrawler - but they only list 23 places for the 402 area code, nothing for Council Bluffs or Des Moines, and one location in Sioux City! Come on now - I have to believe that there are more places than that! Heck, the Homy Inn here in Omaha is not even listed.

So, I was hoping to get some fellow individuals that enjoyed a good pint to team up & fill in the obvious blank spaces on the site by listing your favorite places; and submit reviews. This would help all of us, and any visitors coming to our area looking for a good pint & good times. Also, in one of the Omaha or Nebraska communities someone recently asked for some good places to go for a drink - here is a resource to use to find some. Sometimes I travel to places in Iowa, or head over the river to Council Bluffs, and would like to see some input & sugestions from fellow hunters of good beer.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with this site at all, nor will I make any monetary profit from the site. My motivation is trying to find some good places to have a drink, and every time I have used this site have found some great places - except when trying to find places here in the local area.