November 20th, 2003

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Is Cedar Rapids Iowa a large city? Or should I say populated. Is is overly populated. Are the roads busy? I hope not, because I live near Atlanta, and I have put off getting my learners license becuase the roads are so busy and dangerous. I have had five friends die in the past three years from car accidents.


25yr old female born in sioux city...(which you spealt wrong in the info of this community btw) lived in atlanta metro for about 10+yrs.....moved back to sioux city almost 2yrs ago that almost 2yrs time i have also lived in des moines for 5mths...

really cant seem to find like minded individuals in this town..not really sure what the deal is but everything is just so backwards here....i swear they still think people who use computers are lame ass dorks.....geek is not a swear word anymore.

i dunno....i am pretty lonely most of the time...i start school in january(community college) to get an associates degree in which i plan to then transfer to a university.....i currently work for a radio station here in town but that is soon going to be changing....

i dunno....hmmmmm....i just need friends i guess. i am alittle picky but well...i have that right.

so hi. :)
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