November 7th, 2003

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The Albino Spiders

Driving through the corn fields that surround Des Moines, Iowa, one might not suspect that in the shadows of the city there is anything dark lying in wait. But if you happen to be on the right street at the right time, you could just hear the scream of broken hearts and angry minds that have been silent for too long. You have just been introduced to the Albino Spiders. Say hello.

With a sound that is unmistakeably aggressive, dark, and foreboding but that refuses to be pigeonholed into any genre, the Albino Spiders seem bent on taking every one of their widely varied influences and morphing them into something entirely new. Lead vocalist/bassist, and main songwriter Zarrie has a born gift for penning thoughtful, heartfelt, extremely metaphorical lyrics and setting them to music so diverse you may never know just what kind of band you're listening to from one song to the next. "The music just comes from emotion, so I write it however I'm feeling at the time. That's why it's so diverse. Plus I just love a lot of different kinds of music. But it's always dark, because that's the way I am. You could consider it therapy for the crazed." The songwriting isn't a one man operation however, as guitarist Jeramy puts it, "Zarrie writes the basic song structure, but when we get to work on something new he's brought in, it's a pretty collaborative process, and we each usually write our own parts. That's probably another factor in the diversity of things. Zarrie may have an idea of what he wants for the song, but it's never like he says, 'Play this exactly as I say.' He's not freaking Hitler. We're all pretty dark people though, so we're on the same page. That's important."

It's this process of building on a basic structure as a group that makes the Spiders' songs so solid. Add Jeramy's incendiary guitar work, Derek's powerhouse drumming, Eve's diverse keyboard skills, Cliff and Rob's electronic flourishes, and the recipe is complete. One would be remiss though, to neglect mention of the band's live performance, which is an exercise in controlled chaos. The band has built a reputation on destroying venues across the midwest and leaving unsuspecting audiences with mouths agape. This determination to leave their mark has led them to sharing stages with the likes of A.F.I., 30 Seconds to Mars, the U.S. Bombs, Dope, Gotham Road, and the legendary Vice Squad. Zarrie has a goal for the band's shows: "I hope people leave our shows feeling reborn, and knowing that no matter what you have gone through, someone else has been there too, and survived it. So can you."

The Albino Spiders are a band on a mission to bring together all those who have been wounded, who have been alienated, who have seen dark times and show them that they are not alone. To gather together a family of those fallen from grace and show the world there is life in darkness... a life as beautiful as any other, for those with the courage to survive the shadows. So if you're not ready for the band born in darkness, you may want to sleep with the lights on.

"This is for all the fallen"

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