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hey :-D

hey everyone! i live in iowa city, but i know some people in cedar rapids, fort dodge, earlville, coralville, clarence, and of course, the big iowa city.

actually, iowa city isnt that great. but think what you'd like to think 0_0

i go to city high, so i'm still in high school (bummer). hopefully i'm not the youngest member in here.

if you want to know more about me, just take a look at my journal, browse through the entries, whatever floats your boat. if you want a picture so you're assured that i'm not some creepy 800 pound hairy old sideshow freak , email me at bambamskatergirl@yahoo.com or IM me (if you have aim or aol) at speshileduKshun i'm not that scary to talk to

actually, yeah, IM me because i have absolutly zero IM boxes open right now *tear*

hmm. off to search for more communities. i'm out like a blind kid in hide and go seek

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