K.C. Cantin (callmebiscuit) wrote in _iowa_,
K.C. Cantin


Introductions are awkward. So I'll just make this short-ish.
I live in Muscatine, well, Wilton, but it doesn't count. I moved from The Bay Area, California to Oregon to Minneapolis and then to Cedar Rapids. I ended up in Muscatine because of Bandag. I have to say, where I live is boring, but Davenport/The Quad Cities & Iowa City are close and supply endless supplies of fun.
Oh, yeah. I'm 18. Moving soon..hopefully if anyone wants to help me find a goddamn place. Uh, I'm pretty much a bum. Work at Subway. That sums it up. 

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    Lol - this place hasn't been updated in a while. Just thought I'd drop a line...and remind people that eastern Iowa is frickin COLD right now...

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    well i havent posted in a while where are all the siouxlanders at? hit me up im bored

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