phatglittergrl (phatglittergrl) wrote in _iowa_,

Hello, potential new friends!

  I am a 29-year-old Iowa girl who loves music, hanging out with her people, and hates the thought of turning 30.  I work full-time with kids and spend most of my weekends hanging out at local shows and watching my favorite bands play.  I love to be out having a good time, or doing something as simple as sitting at home with friends playing board games.  I believe that life is short and full of unexpected complications, so you need to be out having fun while you can. I dream of bigger, more exciting places but never have the money to go visit them- and I'd love to move somewhere like Orlando or Tampa or Boston or LA.  I love things like makeup and purses and anything sparkly and glitter, but on the other hand- one of my favorite things to do is hang with the guys in my life.
  Some of my journal posts are FO, some are not.  I may soon be going FO all the time, but haven't decided for sure.  I am always on the lookout for some new friends, so add me if you'd like, and I will get you added you back. 
  This may be xposted.  :)
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