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My Sob Story Could Be Your Good Luck

Mods, if this is not appropriate, feel free to remove with my apologies.

My anniversary is next week and, back in January, I purchased tickets for my husband and I for the Henry Rollins show tomorrow night at the Val-Air ballroom. I lined up a sitter a month ago and confirmed with her on Sunday that she would still be able to babysit.

I got an email last night that she was canceling on me.

And since the show is tomorrow night, I'm seriously doubting that I can find a sitter by then.

So, that means I have to unload two tickets to Henry Rollins before tomorrow so that I can at least do something for my husband for our anniversary. I'm offering them for $40 for the set. That saves you about $10. I have one set and that's it.

ETA: I replaced my sitter so I don't need to sell these. Thanks anyway! :)

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