thuringiensis (thuringiensis) wrote in _iowa_,

STI Testing?

Hi, I joined to ask a question.. I have no idea how often people go on here or if this is an acceptable post, but I thought I'd ask... I don't live in Iowa myself, but my boyfriend does and I was wondering where he can get tested for STI's on the cheap in the des moines area. He's called planned parenthood(I dont know which one) but they are only open one saturday a month and he's unable to go in on a weekday because of his work hours.  He's moving closer to me in early to mid november so he needs to get this done very soon. Does anyone here have any suggestions? If he cant get somewhere inexpensive, does anyone know ballpark prices of non-PP places that could do it on a weekend?
Thanks, and feel free to delete if this isnt allowed.
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