bored in siouxland

well havent gotten anysleep really lately thought i would post  somewhere well i am in a different type of relationship. we are both bi lol. im just looking to network a lil and just meet some people. my gf getting mad at me so i am going to get off of here hope to hear from someone I NEED MORE FRIENDS lol
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Introductions are awkward. So I'll just make this short-ish.
I live in Muscatine, well, Wilton, but it doesn't count. I moved from The Bay Area, California to Oregon to Minneapolis and then to Cedar Rapids. I ended up in Muscatine because of Bandag. I have to say, where I live is boring, but Davenport/The Quad Cities & Iowa City are close and supply endless supplies of fun.
Oh, yeah. I'm 18. Moving soon..hopefully if anyone wants to help me find a goddamn place. Uh, I'm pretty much a bum. Work at Subway. That sums it up. 

Hello, potential new friends!

  I am a 29-year-old Iowa girl who loves music, hanging out with her people, and hates the thought of turning 30.  I work full-time with kids and spend most of my weekends hanging out at local shows and watching my favorite bands play.  I love to be out having a good time, or doing something as simple as sitting at home with friends playing board games.  I believe that life is short and full of unexpected complications, so you need to be out having fun while you can. I dream of bigger, more exciting places but never have the money to go visit them- and I'd love to move somewhere like Orlando or Tampa or Boston or LA.  I love things like makeup and purses and anything sparkly and glitter, but on the other hand- one of my favorite things to do is hang with the guys in my life.
  Some of my journal posts are FO, some are not.  I may soon be going FO all the time, but haven't decided for sure.  I am always on the lookout for some new friends, so add me if you'd like, and I will get you added you back. 
  This may be xposted.  :)

hello iowa

hello iowa hope all you are doing better after all the floods and rains and tornadoes tore through your towns. me stuck in lil ol sioux city iowa sick at home. havent posted to any communities so im a "virgin" in that sense lol. well i am hoping to just make some friends and have more people to read my entries besides my fiance. hope to hear from someone. 
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Flood icon

I made an icon and a friend of mine suggested I drop it off here.

The background behind the text is transparent.

If you've got pictures of the flood you want iconned (or suggestions of cities that I can google flood pictures of), I can try my best. I can even do slideshow-like icons, but only simple ones.

My Sob Story Could Be Your Good Luck

Mods, if this is not appropriate, feel free to remove with my apologies.

My anniversary is next week and, back in January, I purchased tickets for my husband and I for the Henry Rollins show tomorrow night at the Val-Air ballroom. I lined up a sitter a month ago and confirmed with her on Sunday that she would still be able to babysit.

I got an email last night that she was canceling on me.

And since the show is tomorrow night, I'm seriously doubting that I can find a sitter by then.

So, that means I have to unload two tickets to Henry Rollins before tomorrow so that I can at least do something for my husband for our anniversary. I'm offering them for $40 for the set. That saves you about $10. I have one set and that's it.

ETA: I replaced my sitter so I don't need to sell these. Thanks anyway! :)
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