Magazine scan.

Hi everyone.

I was just wondering if anyone has (or knows where to find) a high-res scan of a picture that I need for an assignment. I'm looking for the one that ran in Spin/Rolling Stone (I can't remember which) that shows Trent looking into the mirror and has his hands coming back out of it. I have been looking for hours and can't find anything.

Hopefully someone can help me out!




hi all. just thought i would share some icons i've recently made!

 elephant [movie] x5
 nine inch nails x3
 interpol x1
 manic [movie] x1
 saved! [movie] x1
 moby x1
 the village [movie] x1
 abandoned pools x1
 the dro/deadstar assembly x2
 london after midnight/sean brennan x1

please comment & credit if you use them :) thankyou! [icons]

tickets for sale

hello nin fanatics. i have 2 nin concert tickets for tues in toledo ohio. my bf just had an emergency surgery and cant very well make it. although this is like selling my soul i really dont want to go alone. is there anyone out there who wants them? (sigh) please contact me by phone at 989-506-5811 i can overnight them if we make this quick. thanks i guess.
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My love for you

I made this the other day!
*dance dance*

I think it looks neat
if ya take for anything please credit the following
ely_eyes77 and rickfan37 cause rickfan37 did the stills,
I just morphed them together to make this neat photo.
They are stills from the "we're in this together" video!

Please credit, though i would love to know if ya like it!

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