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_inthespotlight is the only LJ community for actor Robert Sean Leonard. It was recently opened in conjunction with the relaunching of RSL In the Spotlight. This is meant to be a place for fans of Robert to come together and... er, talk?

I have to admit, I don't have any big ideas for this community, nor do I have very many rules. But there are a couple things I would appriciate.

01. No netspeak. It's annoying, and will make me hate you. And no one wants that.
02. Don't use this place to gossip about Robert's love life. Doing so will also make me hate you.
03. Please keep things relatively on-topic. No one cares about your toenails, unless they've suddenly decided to learn the can-can.
04. If you're going to post pictures or icons or whatever (which is encouraged), be nice and use a cut-tag for larger images. Those with shitty dial up connections will appriciate it.

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Any questions or whathaveyou can be pointed in the direction of waltzforanight.