Has "House" helped you in any way with a problem or personal issue in your life? If so, and you feel you can share it with us, we'd love to hear from you here.

The idea for this project, which will be sent to the Cast,Crew, Writers and producers,came from the Fox Forum where a recent thread spoke to the episode "One Day, One Room" and how it helped one fan with a very serious incident in her life.

Any show which can have that sort of impact on one, surely has touched other lives in a meaningful way.

We'd like the writers, producers and cast to know the difference they have made in your lives and so we are opening up this discussion thread to anyone who wants to share their story with us.

We plan on printing out the stories and sending them bound with some gorgeous fan art work to the show and hope they find your stories as inspirational as we do.

Your stories can be serious or humorous.Has "House" helped you in any way with a problem or personal issue in your life? Please share them with other fans and the cast & crew of House.

Thanking you in advance!:)
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RSL to be married

I just got my pet Google alerts and they presented me with some sports-y article, which was mostly about Gabriella and what she's doing, and it mentioned that she's going back to Santa Monica and getting married in 2008.

I don't know if it's true, but if it is, congrats to the two. And the dogs.
House: Wilson weed

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Two of my best friends and I were discussing RSL, and we couldn't remember how long he's been engaged. Can anyone help us out? We know it's at least three years. Thanks!
RSL cap from the_odd_one

RSL Interview on

A Summer away from 'House'

As the constantly put-upon Dr. James Wilson on House, Robert Sean Leonard could resort to a million exasperated-authority-figure TV tics (slow burns, blown stacks, bellowing of the rebellious main character's name: ''Ha-ouse!''). But he's broken away from his family tree of Col. Klink, Maj. Frank Burns, and Mr. Woodman, and made Wilson likable, witty, and occasionally even able to get one over on his friend House. For his summer hiatus, Leonard has returned to his beloved New York City, where the 38-year-old theater mainstay — and Tony winner — will happily do no work at all before heading back for season four of his hit series. We talked to him about adjusting to the TV grind, how he avoided becoming a teen star after Dead Poets Society, and why he'll take a New York City bus over a limo any day of the week.
....... cont in link above (the article is a 4 page interview)

And if you can pick up last weeks EW magazine.. RSL is #45 in the 100 must list.


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[001 - 081] The X-Files (1x01 - Pilot) (1x08 - Ice) (1x21 - Tooms) (3x04 - Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose) (3x17 - Pusher) (4x02 - Home) (4x03 - Teliko) (4x04 - Unruhe) (4x10 - Paper Hearts) (4x12 - Leonard Betts)(4x13 - Never Again) (4x15 - Kaddish) (4x19 - Synchrony) (4x20 - Small Potatoes) (5x12 - Bad Blood)
[082 - 100] House (3x16 - Top Secret) (3x20 - House Training) (3x22 - Resignation)
[101 - 101] Scrubs (1x08 - My Fifteen Minutes)
[102 - 121] El Laberinto del Fauno (Pan's Labyrinth)


HERE and HERE @ attackxfishes.
AtS (I will never leave you)

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Hello, everyone. I'm writing a paper about the portrayals of sexuality in House M.D., and I'm looking for the source of a quote that I've seen in icons. If you could help me, ASAP because this paper is due in a couple of days, I would really, really appreciate it. The quote is this:

Hugh Laurie: We'll probably have to make out or something.

RSL: I wouldn't mind.

Thanks, guys!