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_inthedarkness's Journal

In The Darkness
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Humanity’s day is over, the Old Ones have regained control and humans have been hunted almost to the point of extinction. The ultimate battle between good and evil was fought and we lost.

The world as we know it is gone, sacrifices were made, casualties were heavy. The survivors are banding together to eke out an existence, struggling to survive, striving to get through one more day. Waiting for the opportunity to fight back, to regain control of their destiny. Is that time at hand?

This is a post-Chosen BtVS/AtS RPG. We make no claim of ownership of any of the characters contained herein - they are still the property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy

If you would like to join this RPG, please email shona@moments-lost.co.uk and rileysaplank@yahoo.com with the following information:

Name/LJ name:
Character applying for:
Sample of writing: (links to an archive site are fine)
Character information: (where you see the character going, what you plan to do with them)
RPG experience: (don't worry if you've never RPG'd before, we all have to start somewhere!)

Current characters

Wesley (_roguewatcher_) played by rileysaplank
Faith (_havefaith_) played by whiskyinmind
Oz (hummous_plan) played by rileysaplank
Xander (x_cyclops_x) played by whiskyinmind
Gwen (_freaksrus) played by Valorgrl
Dawn (doll_eyes_) played by emeraldswan
Willow (_deepred_) played by willowmina
Fred (scatteredgenius) played by emeraldswan
Gunn (sonuvagunn) played by smhwpf

Characters needed


Other survivors.

You may be able to tell that we're focusing on the survivors here on the assumption that the 'major' characters would have been killed in the final battle. If you see someone not on the list you think should be there, email us and make your case.

Members should also join the Out of Character journal to discuss upcoming scenes, plot points, whatever you want! _inthelight (see what I did there? darkness/light? *grin*) We also have a Yahoo Group for members to post notifications.