First Contact

The rumbling of my stomach wakes me - but I don't move for a while. After all, some of those Alien things seem to have good hearing - I've survived this far and I don't intend to die just yet.

I sit and listen for a while - but I don't hear anything and so I quietly drop down from where I'd been sleeping. Not entirely sure what it is but it reminds me of those air conditioning conduits you always see in the movies. It wasn't very big - but at 5'1" you don't need too much space.

I take the crossbow and the knife with me, but leave the rucksack with the rest of my belongings in the conduit. It's easier to hunt without it.

After about half an hour of walking - I spot it. A dog - looks like some kind of collie - it's almost as skinny as I've become but I've learned over the past months not to turn my nose up at anything - even if it does remind me of Penny, Bob and Tuppence, our sheepdogs back home. It doesn't look as if it's nursing - so I follow it, treading quietly so I don't spook it or anything. Finally I follow it down one of the narrower tunnels - hoping to corner it at the end. But as I raise the crossbow, it doesn’t move - it just stares at me… no… it’s staring past me.

I turn round, a sick feeling in my stomach. It’s as I feared… there’s one of those… things… blocking the way I came.

“O Cachu!” - I exclaim not worrying about being quiet - after all - I know it’s already seen me.

I start to run in the opposite direction - I’m not entirely sure where these tunnels lead - but with luck I’ll happen upon somewhere big enough to hide but too small for it to follow me.

I almost run into the dead end - and it’s then I realise there’s no hope. I can hear the footsteps coming up slowly behind me - it’s obvious that it knows the tunnels. I sink to my knees and wait for inevitable death - whispering a last prayer to myself.

“Hail Mary, Full of Grace, the Lord is with Thee. Blessed art thou amongst women and Blessed is the Fruit of thy Womb, Jesus… Holy Mary, Mother of God. Pray for us sinners now… at the hour of our death. Amen.”

{{Open to Gunn}}
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Things left unsaid

Characters: Xander, Willow
Date: Day Ten
Setting: Griffin Park, main encampment - the stream
Rating: PG-13

As I walk away from the fire I grab a t-shirt from the pile of clothing. Willow's walking with me but she's still shaking, still not saying anything. I guess it was pretty traumatic to just drop all this on her, but she coped, just like I knew she would.

"Hey," I say softly, "Let's get you cleaned up, okay?" I lift her blood-covered hands and hold them in my own.

{{Open to Willow}}

Keep the Faith

It's not too long a run back to the camp, and head to where I last saw Willow. I know I'm not being exactly quiet when Willow turns her head, in my direction with a look of Puzzlement on her face before I've reached her.

"Willow." I say breathlessly. "Quick, bring herbs."
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(no subject)

Characters: Faith, Wesley
Date: Day Ten
Setting: Griffin Park, the woods
Rating: PG-13 (warning for language)

It’s getting real dark now, and there’s still no sign of him. The brush is getting denser, harder to push through, and I know I’ve lost the path. I try to keep alert, try to find it again, but I know I’m lost. Best thing I could do right now is just turn around and come back the way I came. If Xander was out here then chances are he’s long gone now. I sigh a little and turn on my heel, admitting defeat.

The blow comes out of nowhere and sends me crashing back into the foliage. I land badly and feel something pop in my side, probably a rib gone from the way it suddenly hurts to breathe. I take a second, trying to work out what happened when suddenly the branches are ripped away from above me. I don’t know what this thing is leering at me, doesn’t matter I guess.

“Hey ugly, whatcha wanna do? Kill me or fuck me?” Neither prospect is particularly appealing but right now I think I’d vote for the first if I got a choice.

It doesn’t answer, didn’t think it would. Instead it just snarls and slashes at me with hella long claws. I raise my arm automatically and let out a scream at the sheer pain of the talons slashing into my skin. Pushing myself up, I know there’s no way I can fight this thing, I just have to get away.

Every nerve fibre in my body is screaming at me as I try to figure out a way to get past it, to get away. I duck instinctively as it lashing out again, aiming for my head this time. It’s close enough that I can feel the passing wind centimetres from my head… and then it grabs my hair and slams my head back against a tree.

Stars explode into my vision and I reel backwards, not able to see where I’m going. It roars and lunges for me again; this is it. I’m gonna die in this shit hole park and no one’s gonna know. Wonder if they’ll find my body. Wonder if there’ll be any body to find. Least now they’ll find out if another Slayer’ll be called after me.

Another swipe, this one across my right hip, and I’m down. The pain is unbelievable and all I want to do now is die quickly. As I collapse to the ground, the darkness creeping into my vision takes over and as I finally fall into it I can hear another screech. Something’s not right though, it’s like there’s two of them…


The pain is like a dull fire in every muscle, every nerve ending. But it’s a good pain. Means I’m not dead. Strange that I’d be happy about that when last thing I remember is hoping to die.

I try to open my eyes, the pain explodes into a fucking inferno as soon as I do. It’s… it’s light. I'm staring straight up at the moon. It wasn’t out a minute ago. I almost frown but the pain the tiny movement causes makes me whimper in pain. Where the hell am I? I take a few experimental breaths, God this hurts so much right now…

I can see blackness creeping into the edge of my vision again and I freeze. I’m alive, somehow, I can’t afford to black out again. I was lost, sure, but I wasn’t that far from camp – demons are getting cockier. I gotta get back to camp, gotta let someone know.

It takes me an eternity to actually get to a near standing crouch. The pain in my side has me doubled over, curling around the agony. It’s enough though. It’ll get me there. I take a slow look around, trying not to move too much. Huh. I’m at the bottom of a ravine, must have rolled down here when I fell. Might have saved my life, but it’s going to be a fucker to get back up there.

Somehow, I make it to the top and see what really saved me. The thing that attacked me is stretched out at the top of the ravine. Dead. And right next to it, there’s another one, just as dead. So I wasn’t hearing things – there really were two of them. I’d grin if I wasn’t sure it would push me over the edge.

Grabbing every tree for support, I make my way out, finally finding the path again, I don’t think about how long this is taking, how fucking painful it is, I don’t think about anything except taking the next step. Finally, finally, I smell the cooking fire and know I’m almost home.

I stop to catch my breath, to compose myself, and then I’m falling again. I can’t stop myself, can’t brace myself. I hit the ground hard and can’t even find the breath I need to call out for help.

{{open to Wesley}}
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(no subject)

Characters: Xander, Dawn
Date: Day Ten
Setting: Griffin Park, the woods
Rating: PG-13

This is all just getting too much. All this insane drama and awkwardness. Yeah, so a lot of the blame for it rests squarely on my shoulders, but I don't really want to think about that right now. Don't want to think about much, truth be told.

I just... need to get away. To be alone for a while. Shame I don't have that luxury. None of us do.

What I said to Dawn the other day was true - she should talk to Willow. I should talk to her.

A rogue tree root catches my foot and I have to grab for the trunk to keep my balance, that's when I spot a flash of color just ahead. Dark red, almost blood colored. Strange that I make the connection with Willow straight away.

As I get closer to it I realise it actually is her. Or her jacket anyway. I pick it up, checking automatically for fresh blood - why else would she drop her jacket? - and let go of the breath I didn't realize I was holding when I don't find anything.

She just dropped it.

I narrow my eye a little. something's not right here. No, worse than that, something's very wrong here.

"Willow?" I shout out into the trees, I don't care how close the demons are or if they can hear me. I can feel my heart pounding in my chest, we only just found her again - we can't lose her now. I can't.


{{Open to Dawn}}
Broody Will


I just stand there silently as Dawn goes. I can't help feeling that what I just said was the cause of the confusion that I know she was feeling.

Sighing, I sit back down on the ground and attempt to carry on with what I'd been doing before Dawn turned up. Shredding some of the sage leaves, I place them on a stone I've found and start to pound them with another stone. It's not the most sophisticated of equipment but at least the groove in the stone means I won't lose the small amount of fluid I'll get from the plant.

Suddenly, I hear a noise behind me and turn quickly to see who it is... then thankfully let the breath I've been holding out when I realise it's Faith. I watch her for a while - not sure if she's coming over... but after a while turn back to my sage.

{{Open to Faith}}

(no subject)

I've been avoiding everyone since Xander and I talked the other day. But, as I stand quietly in the trees, looking at where Willow sits quietly off by herself, I realize that I just can't keep avoiding her anymore. I have to go over and talk to her because, if I don't, I might never do it.

And I don't think Buffy would like that very much.

Taking a deep breath, I walk out of my "hiding place" and over to her. She looks up and her mouth forms a small 'o' of surprise. So very much like the Willow I've always known. So very much the same. I bite the inside of my lip to stop myself from turning and running back into the trees.

I can do this.

I can.

I don't give her the chance to get up. I sit down beside her and pick up a stick, dragging it through the dirt nervously. I take another breath and my heart pounds in my chest. I'm drawing a circle now, a straight line below it, arms, legs, eyes, a nose, a mouth ... I can do this. I can say hello.

Why hasn't she spoken first?

Why is this so hard?

Damn it.


I start to draw another stick figure and wait for her response.
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Characters: Xander, Dawn
Date: Day Seven
Setting: Griffin Park, main encampment
Rating: PG-13

Must be a record for me, pissing off three people all in one afternoon. Actually - nah, that's not a record, that was pretty much the norm for me. I smile a little humourlessly as I realize it's exactly the same mix - Slayer, Witch and Watcher. Must be a knack.

I walk away - I do feel guilty about the way I spoke to Willow, it's just... she comes in and expects everything to be just like it was, expects me to be just like I was. She doesn't seem to get that we've changed. That I've changed. And yeah, so maybe I resent her for seeming to stay the same.

I kick angrily at the gravel - putting that down was one of the first things I insisted on, means no one can really sneak up us so long as they're gravity-bound. It's just the bastards in the air we have to worry about setting up an early warning system for. As I make my way back to the fire to drop off the logs I cut, I see Dawn sitting there staring into the flames.

I stack the freshly cut wood in the pile and drop down onto the flat boulder next to her.


{{open to Dawn}}


I head towards the stream, hoping that Willow just stormed out of view until things died down. As the stream comes into view there's no sign of Willow though. Damn Xander. If Willow's gone and managed to actually get herself killed this time I'd be more than happy to see Xander follow the same fate.

"Willow?" I shout out, hoping she hasn't gone too far.

{Open to Willow}
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Characters: Faith, Xander
Date: Day Seven
Setting: Griffin Park, main camp
Rating: PG-13

Wes walks away to look for Willow and I sigh a little as he leaves. It's great that he has this confidence in me, that he believes in me, but I can't help the feeling that it's more than a little misplaced.

I go over the confrontation in my head, trying to figure out a way in, trying to figure out how to talk to Xander. One thing he said keeps repeating in my head. What the hell happened to the big bad 'don't need anyone' Faith. That's the way in. It has to be.

I square my shoulders, put on my best 'don't fuck with me' expression, and turn to face him.

"Wanna tell me what crawled up your butt and died?"

{{Open to Xander}}